Insuring a hydrogen car: prices, quotes, comparisons

What car insurance for hydrogen cars?

Hydrogen-powered cars represent a technology that is still embryonic, but very promising. Major insurers are beginning to establish quotes for this type of non-polluting vehicle, perhaps soon a relevant solution compared to electric or hybrid. How to choose car insurance for hydrogen car? The complete point with

What is a hydrogen-powered vehicle?

Never heard of hydrogen powered cars before? This is not surprising, as the technology remains confidential in Europe. In 2020, the entire continent registered only 864 registrations, including 311 in Germany, 211 in France and 147 in the Netherlands. Eventually, these vehicles of a new kind could however spread on our roads: the increase in sales between 2019 and 2020 has already reached 40%. In 2020, the French government also announced the creation of a fund of 90 million euros for the development of this sector, considered as a useful complement to electric mobility. The hydrogen car indeed belongs to the category of clean vehicles. Its operating principle is relatively simple:

  • The vehicle is equipped with an electric motor, powered by a Fuel cell.
  • This battery generates its electricity thanks to a contribution in hydrogen gasstored in carboys inside the vehicle.
  • The hydrogen car emits no emissions, apart from a little liquid water following the transformation of the gas. It is therefore non-polluting.

Why buy car insurance for hydrogen cars?

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are subject to the same legal and regulatory framework as other cars on the market. As a reminder, all motor vehicles traveling on public roads must be the subject of car insurance by their owner. The latter has the obligation to take out at least third-party insurance for “hydrogen” cars: this contract will compensate road users to whom they could cause damage in the event of a responsible accident.

What guarantees for the insurance of a hydrogen car?

Hydrogen-powered vehicle models are still extremely rare. They often have the particularity of being a little more expensive than a more conventional engine (petrol, diesel, hybrid or even electric) for an equivalent car.

Therefore, the subscription of a simple third party insurance covering your own civil liability appears insufficient. If you commit a responsible accident or suffer a claim without an identified third party, you will not be compensated for the damage caused to your vehicle or for your physical injury.

You can thus preferably turn to a extended third party insuranceor even a Back to back insurance for hydrogen car.

These contracts typically include all or part of the following guarantees:

The “all accidents” guarantee, also covering acts of vandalism;

Good to know

Hydrogen car insurance: the essential explosion guarantee? Hydrogen vehicles do not present a higher risk of explosion than other types of motorization. This was notably recalled by the ADEME (environment and energy management agency). Covering this risk should therefore not cost you significantly more than on another model.

How much does it cost to insure a hydrogen car?

The cost of hydrogen car insurance naturally takes into account the high value of these vehicles, new or used. For example, purchase prices start from:

The selling price of the BMW X5 hydrogen, announced at the end of 2022, is not yet known.

By way of illustration, the following table offers a comparison of the best auto insurance quotes for hydrogen car about the Toyota Mirai II. The advertised rates apply to exclusively private use, for an individual living in Lyon and driving 15,000 kilometers per year, with a closed garage and a 50% bonus.

Hydrogen cars allow you to drive without polluting while benefiting from a range comparable or superior to electric vehicles. The technology, however, is still nascent: the models available are both rare and expensive. Carefully choose your hydrogen car insurance contract to benefit from appropriate guarantees.

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