List of Free Google Play Codes: Top 20 Methods for 2023


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Google Play Codes is the best way to buy your favorite games, apps, movies and books on the Play Store. However, many people do not know how to find them. If you want to get free Google Play Codes, this post is made especially for you.


Here I will tell you how to get Google Play codes for free . I will share not one or two but 20 best methods to do it. So you can get unlimited Google Play Codes to buy whatever you want from the Play Store.

Free Google Play Codes 2021

The Play Store is an ocean of content including apps, games, movies, music, e-books, and more. Many of them are free to access and use by anyone, but some of them are paid. The problem is that most of the good apps, games, e-books and movies are paid for. Thus, users often cannot decide whether they should pay. Many users cannot even afford them.

Google Play Codes can prove to be a boon for such users. A Google Play Code is a special code that adds credits to your Google Play Balance . You can then use the credit to buy something from the Play Store. But many users cannot find free Google Play Codes. To help you all, I am going to explain how you can get precious Google Play Codes for free.

Basically two ways to get Google Play Codes for free :

  1. Activate existing codes.
  2. Earn new Google Play Codes.

The first method only works for those lucky enough to find new codes before anyone else, while the second can be used by anyone.

List of Free Google Play Codes to Redeem in 2022

Here is a long list of free Google Play Codes for all our readers. You must redeem them as soon as you find them. You can only use them once and after that you will get the error message ‘ Code already redeemed ‘ . ‘ So make sure you use them first.

  • UW4X10OII5U0SP4R
  • 44E871WA04JYJ3DML2L993A
  • P9K9P3ES0C1T4T5AN9D4T1J
  • ANJ8HE67RW222C40L91US4P

Activate these codes first. Make sure you keep visiting us as we will add new codes here.

How to get free Google Play Codes?

Already existing codes will be redeemed in a day or two when we update them here. So it’s better when you know about the ways to earn your unique codes . So you can get free Google Play Codes for free without spending any money. Here are 20 of the best methods you can try.

If you use them correctly, you can have everything in the Play Store completely free. You no longer have to worry about your favorite games and apps being expensive.

1. Google Opinion Awards

Google Public Opinion Rewards is the best app for getting free Google Play credits by answering a few simple questions.

You must complete surveys in order to receive credits. Credits can be spent on anything in the Play Store.

2. Win the competition

You can find many contests taking place on social networks where you can participate and win prizes.

Some of the prizes include Google Play Gift Cards. You can then use these gift cards to get Google Play credits.

3. Participate in sweepstakes

Lots of giveaways are from brands and influencers where you can win Google Play gift cards.

Just participate in them and hope you get lucky. If you’re lucky, you might win some free Google Play gift codes.

4. Use PointsPrizes

Pointsprizes is a great website that allows you to earn a decent amount of Google Play Codes by completing a few simple tasks. You must watch video ads, install apps, and complete surveys.

You can also invite your friends to earn extra bonuses.

5. Use a Survey Junkie

Review Junkie is a popular app that helps you earn Google Play Codes for sharing your opinion.

You just need to complete a few simple surveys. You can also invite your friends to earn extra bonuses.

6. Use Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is another impressive app for getting free Google Play gift cards, iTunes vouchers, Amazon gift cards, and many other cool things.

All you need to do is simply register an account and start completing the available tasks.

7. Use InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a fun app that allows you to earn Google Play Codes by completing simple tasks. You can read paid emails, take surveys, play online games, and shop for your favorite brands.

The more you work, the more you get.

8. Complete branded surveys.

Branded Surveys is a unique platform that allows you to participate in simple surveys provided by brands and services.

You just need to share your opinion with them and they will reward you with Google Play Codes.

9. Use Mistplay

Bug is a very useful app that allows you to earn Google Play Codes by playing games.

You just need to play games from a section carefully selected for you, earn units, and then exchange them for interesting gift cards.

10. Use PrizeRebel

PrizRebel is another app that gives you Google Play Codes to answer surveys.

You just need to create an account, fill out your profile, and then you will have a lot of surveys that match your interests.

11. Use Idle-Empire

Idle Empire is a great platform for gamers to earn great rewards, including Google Play Codes. You just need to complete available tasks such as watching video ads, inviting friends, and answering surveys.

You will then receive free gift cards as a reward.

12. Use ZoomBucks.

Zumbax is another popular platform offering Google Play codes for completing paid surveys, app install tasks, and watching video ads.

You must complete as many tasks as possible to get more rewards.

13. Mine on Gamerhash

Gamerhash is a platform popular among gamers where you can earn money using your computer’s processing power. You just need to mine cryptocurrency on your PC and then you can exchange it for Google Play Codes.

It’s as easy as drinking a cup of tea.

14. Use Lucktastic

Lucky is a great platform to get free Google Play gift certificates. It is available for both iPhone and Android users.

You can win rewards by playing digital scratch cards and participating in contests.

15. Use Ipsos i-Say

i-Say by Ipsos is a popular platform where you can share your opinion and earn free Google Play gift certificates. Here you can find reviews of famous brands and services.

Just register and start earning.

16. Use Mobilexpression

Mobile Expression is a wonderful market research community where you can earn rewards just by being a part of it.

You can answer surveys, watch ads, and invite friends to earn more gift cards.

17. Use a gift card for grandma

Granny Gift Card is a great platform to win free gift cards. It allows you to buy discounted eGift Cards so you can manage them in your monthly budget.

If you are planning to buy them in bulk, this website is for you.

18. Use InstaGC.

Instagram allows you to take surveys, watch videos, and complete many different tasks to earn a lot of Google Play Codes.

You just have to use the app in your free time and you will win interesting prizes.

19. Find Spare Vouchers on Google Play

In most cases, Google Play gift codes can be obtained by asking your friends . They may have them because of promotional offers, sales, and other similar occasions.

The chances are pretty low, but you can still try.

20. Ask them for a gift

The best way to get Googe Play codes for free is to ask for them as a gift on special occasions such as Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas and other days.

Just let your family, friends and everyone else know that you really need them.

Do Google Play Code Generators Work?

NEVER. This is the shortest answer to the question – Do Google Play Code Generators Work. Such generators are just fake tools to trick you. They will steal your information, infect your computer/mobile phone with adware or spyware, and force you to do work for them on behalf of “Human Verification.” They will never give anything. So stay away from these scams.

Using them will only mean wasted time and system compromise. If you really need Google Play Codes without having to spend money, try using the top 20 methods mentioned above.


Free Google Play Codes are very useful when you want to install that paid app or game from the Play Store without spending your hard earned money. Here’s how to get them. These are the top 20 methods to help you find many free redeem codes. Also, never fall into the traps of Google Play code generators. They are fakes.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it useful. Feel free to share your opinion on this in the comments section.



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