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When the time comes to choose an insurance contract, one of the essential points in the decision-making process is the price. To obtain the cheapest car insurance, you can intervene on several parameters of your contract. Explanations.

Good driving for cheaper insurance

Initially, the insurance history will be one of the main elements that will serve as the basis for calculating your contribution. You must therefore exercise caution while driving to avoid all claims for which you are responsible.

This will allow you to accumulate a greater bonus coefficient over the years. If it is capped at 50%, some insurers can add additional reductions for good behavior, if you keep this maximum premium for several consecutive years.


You must also evade driver’s license suspensions or withdrawals. A cautious attitude in respecting traffic rules and speed limits is therefore recommended to successfully reduce the price of your car insurance.

The vehicle: important criterion in order to obtain the best price for your insurance

If your driving is important for the calculation of your insurance premium, the choice of vehicle is also important. It is more economical to insure a classic small city car than a convertible or a large American SUV with a V8 engine.

Popular brands are generally less expensive to cover: their high circulation means lower repair costs, which will have an impact on the amount of your insurance plan.

The choice of the insurance formula: the price of the guarantees

When you make an insurance quote for your car, you are offered several levels of cover. We usually find:

  • The third party: basic formula with mandatory civil liability,
  • The third glass breakage: identical, with the management of broken windows,
  • All risks: comprehensive formula that covers damage to your vehicle even if you are responsible for a collision.

These different formulas can be supplemented by additional guarantees such as breakdown assistance, 0 km towing, driver’s guarantee, mechanical guarantee, etc. All these options have an additional cost that must be taken into account.

Compare insurance offers to choose the best formula

The only solution to get the best price for your car insurance is to compare as many offers as possible. To do this, you can use online comparators. These websites allow you to discover the rates of several insurers according to your profile and your vehicle in a few clicks.

There are big price differences depending on the profile of the driver and the insurance company. The chosen guarantee formula also influences the amount as shown in the following example. We interviewed a comparator to insure our new Peugeot 208 II 1.2 75 cv for a young 18-year-old driver who has never been insured and who has just had his licence.

For the same vehicle, we carried out an identical simulation for a driver born in 1973 and holder of his license since 1991. The experience of our driver guarantees him much lower prices.

These rates are given for information only and may change at any time with each of the insurers questioned.

Good to know: if the price can make the difference, you have to take into account what it includes. Each insurance has its own guarantees, it is necessary to study each of the offers well to see the differences such as the insured values, the deductibles, etc. You can subscribe directly online for certain insurers, or be put in touch with them via a contact form at the end of the simulation.

The keys to lowering the price of your car insurance policy

To help you lower your cost of insurance, we provide you with 3 additional tips that have a significant impact on the price of your premium.


Insurance per kilometer

To significantly reduce the amount of your contribution, if you drive little, opt for insurance that offers to cover you per kilometer traveled or that limits you each year to a given mileage. This can generally vary between 5,000 and 9,000 km depending on the insurance company. This type of option can lower your contribution by 10 to 15%.

The amount of deductibles

Few people think of this option, but you can play on the amount of deductibles in the event of a claim. If you rarely have a collision or a glass breakage, you can take advantage of a reduced rate by accepting a higher deductible. It is sometimes better to pay 100 or 150 € more for a collision and save several years 10 to 15% of the amount of your car insurance.

online insurance

New insurance companies are arriving on the market to offer you a completely dematerialized service like online banks: no more agencies in town, only an Internet platform to take out a contract and manage claims. This type of insurance has the advantage of being often less expensive than that of large companies.

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