No ban on thermals for some builders

That’s it, the ban on the sale of thermal vehicles has definitely been enacted by the European Parliament. However, some manufacturers may benefit from an exemption if they run out less than 1,000 new vehicles per year. The V12s may therefore not have finished talking about them!

The European Parliament definitively votes to ban the sale of thermal vehicles in 2035

On Wednesday 8 June 2022, Members of the European Parliament voted for the ban on the sale of thermal cars. This decision is therefore fully recorded and we will gradually see petrol and diesel engines disappear from our roads, as well as hybrid cars. There will therefore remain only the electric cars on the new market, as well as hydrogen models. The second-hand market will remain open to all engines.


An exception for manufacturers selling less than 1,000 new vehicles per year

But some manufacturers did not hear it that way. This is particularly the case for Italian manufacturers of exceptional cars: Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. Thus, Italian MEPs have proposed an amendment so that car manufacturers can continue to develop and sell internal combustion engines in Europe.

Thanks to a amendment renamed “Ferrari”in reference to the many Italian MEPs who participated in its drafting, manufacturers “who represent less than 1,000 new vehicles registered during a calendar year” will be able to continue to sell thermal cars.

Paradoxically, this does not concern Ferrari or Lamborghini, which sell many more models per year. As a reminder, Lamborghini achieved the best performance in its history in terms of sales in 2021, selling 8,495 vehicles, including 5,021 Urus SUVs. But some brands like Rolls Royce, which only sold 589 cars in 2021, will be able to take advantage of this amendment. This does not prevent him from developing a 100% electric model. This is also the case with Bugatti, which sells around a hundred vehicles a year.

Another derogation for brands that sell between 1,000 and 10,000 vehicles per year

For manufacturers like Lamborghini or Ferrari, another derogation will be put in place. The conditions of the device will ease. They will not be subject to the reduction in the sale of thermal vehicles which will take effect in 2030 and the ban will only be imposed from 2036, and not 2035. This category will also include manufacturers such as Aston Martin or Maserati.

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