Ontario: Pickup Truck Driver Caught Unplugging Tesla

In Campbellville, Ontario, the driver of a GMC Sierra was filmed unknowingly unplugging a Tesla Model 3. The video was shared on Reddit and quickly went viral.

The incident was filmed by the Tesla, whose “Sentry” mode was activated, allowing the vehicle to record what is happening around when there is movement.

As Driving reports, the Tesla owner slept in the backseat while his vehicle was charging. He was awakened when the intruder approached his electric vehicle. He says he yelled at him to reconnect the charging cable. The driver of the van would then drive away without complaining.

But why?

On Reddit, several Internet users have tried to answer a very simple question: why? Why do you feel the need to cause harm to this person, whose vehicle was plugged into a free charging station in a municipal parking lot in Ontario?

Some say he might have been frustrated paying more than $2 a liter for gas in his big pickup truck, while others can drive in 100% electric mode without spending anything on fuel.

Whatever the reason, it’s not smart.

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