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On vacation, it may be convenient to rent a car. But be careful, the price have flown away! In 2021, inflation was already high on car rentals. In 2022, the bill will be even higher.

Car rental prices are skyrocketing

The price of car rentals had already increased by 35% in 2021, according to data from the online car rental comparator, Carigami. This sharp increase was rooted in several causes:

  • a surge in demand for car rentals following lockdowns and curfews;
  • a lack of vehicles, in line with the multiple crises affecting the automotive market.

Indeed, due to the shortage of semiconductors, the automotive market is struggling to meet demand and manufacturers have been forced to lower their targets. Added to this in 2022 is the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which caused the price of raw materials to explode.

We must therefore expect for this year 2022 very high prices in this area. Because we must add to the difficulties of the automobile market the desire of the French to go on vacation, which is still just as strong. Expectations regarding the tourist season are very high. Thus, Carigami anticipates a price increase of 4.8%, an increase of 41.3% in two years. This also gives an average cost for a rental car for a week of 369 euros.


Where to rent a car is the most expensive

As you might expect, the places where it will cost you the most to rent a car are the most popular tourist destinations and correspondingly the most expensive. To Biarritz for example, renting a vehicle will cost you an average of 505 euros, i.e. a variation of +8.8% since 2021 and +96.4% since 2019. Same story for Nicewhere renting a car costs an average of 496 euros, an increase of 19.3% since 2021 and 107.7% since 2019.

Among the cities where renting a car is the cheapest, we find Lille (292 euros per week), Clemont Ferrand (293 euros per week) and Mulhouse (295 euros per week). This is hardly surprising given the popularity of these destinations in the summer. But even in these places, inflation remains high and there is a second fact to take into account: the dizzying rise in fuel prices. Gasoline as diesel are at their highest, at almost 2 euros per liter today for both. Wherever you go for your vacation, you will also have to anticipate this budget.

The 10 cities where renting a car is the most expensive

Town Rental price for one week in 2022 Change compared to 2021 Change compared to 2019
Biarritz 505 € 8.8% 96.4%
Nice 496 € 19.3% 107.7%
Ajaccio 445 € 25.6% 92.4%
Nimes 440 € 18.2% 60.4%
Bordeaux 430 € 7.7% 32.7%
Figari 429 € 16% 116.7%
Paris 419 € 20.6% 42.9%
Toulouse 410 € 43.7% 47.3%
Bastia 408 € 17.9% 99.1%
Avignon 392 € 16.7% 20.6%

The 10 cities where renting a car is the cheapest

Town Rental price for one week in 2022 Change compared to 2021 Change compared to 2019
Lille 292 € 12.7% 22.6%
Clermont Ferrand 293 € 18.1% 27.8%
Mulhouse 295 € 5.5% 48.1%
Valence 312 € 3.2% 36.8%
reindeer 326 € 0.6% 16%
Brest 328 € 37.6% 61.9%
Lyons 342 € 1.3% 31.2%
Aix en Provence 342 € 0.9% 24.4%
Marseilles 349 € 5.8% 13.8%
Nantes 354 € 16.9% 16.9%

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