Rankings of the most expensive vehicles to repair

The cost of repairs has a decisive impact on the price of car insurance. In a context of upgrading of the vehicle fleet, going to the garage is more and more expensive: equipped with advanced technologies, vehicles (especially hybrid or electric) drive up the cost of parts and labour. If your vehicle is part of the following classifications, you can however save on other items in your car budgetand in particular on car insurance.

A bill at the garage that climbs every year

Latest indicator to date, the evolution of costs since 2016, provided by the company SRA (Security and Automotive Repair): in five years, the cost of repairs in expertise has increased by 23.7%, and that of parts by nearly 30%.

The average garage bill, measured annually, also increases from year to year: +6.7% in 2020 and +4.2% last year. This inflation has largely contributed to the rise in the average price of car insurance, which has risen to 16% since 2010. It should indeed be borne in mind that part of the repairs (depending on the coverage formula) is reimbursed by the insurer, and that this expense is therefore reflected in the contribution.

However, not all manufacturers are equal in the face of this phenomenon, some being much more expensive to repair and insure than others. Also according to a recent study by SRA, the top 5 most expensive brands to take to the garage are, in descending order, Porsche, You’re here, land rover, Lexus and BMW (the three least expensive being Toyota, Suzuki and Dacia).


Porsche and Tesla lead the most expensive brands to repair

Among these, the German brand from Stuttgart impresses, since with an average repair cost in base 100, that of a Porsche reached 232 (i.e. a score 132% higher than the model-weighted average). It’s a little less for Tesla on the second step of the podium (161.1, i.e., 61% more expensive than the average).

Despite the apparent reliability of the vehicles of the firm of Elon Musk, and their success (13,000 Model 3s sold last year in France, until the stock shortage this year), some motorists had a bad surprise at seeing their quote. By way of comparison, in fact, brands such asAudi and BMW are, respectively, only 12% and 16% more expensive to repair than the average.

This observation is also true for each of the models of the Californian brand, confirms Rodolphe Pouvreau, director of SRA: “Tesla is a brand that we have been monitoring for some time. […] Whether it is the Model S, the Model 3 or the Model X, it is systematically more expensive than with the others”.

The three main models are thus at the top of the classifications by segments also carried out by SRA:

  • The Model 3 is 23% more expensive to repair than the average in the M2 segment (ahead of the Mercedes C-Class IV and the Renault Talisman)
  • The Model S is 40% more expensive to repair than the H1 segment average (far ahead of the Mercedes EV Class and the BMW 5 Series VII)
  • The Model X is 38% more expensive to repair than the H2 segment average (ahead of the Porsche Cayenne II and the BMW X5 IV).

On the more common segments, here are the full rankings.

Cost of repairing city cars (segment B) in 2021 (base 100 = segment average)

Vehicles Repair price index
Renault Clio V 115.7
Peugeot 208 109.4
Peugeot 208 II 109
Renault Clio IV 108.4
VW Polo III 106.6
Renault Zoe 106.6
Citroen C3 III 105.3
Ford Fiesta VII 96.7
Dacia Sandero II 88.6
Toyota Yaris III 88.6

Source: SRA

Cost of repairing compact cars (C or M1 segment) in 2021 (base 100 = segment average)

Vehicles Repair price index
Mercedes A-Class IV 138.3
Audi A3 III 119.9
BMW 1 Series II 106.3
Renault Megane IV 104.8
VW Gold VII 101.7
Peugeot 308 II 101.3
Citroen C4 Cactus II 92.2
Citroen C4 II 88
Fiat Tipo II 85
Toyota Auris II 84.2

Source: SRA

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