Rockford and the Midwest prefer cars in this color

We may overall love all the colors under the rainbow, but when it comes to the color of our cars here in the Rockford area, throughout Illinois, and throughout the Midwest, we’re a lot more boring about colors than we might think.

To be perfectly honest, it’s not just here in Rockford or the Midwest. As a nation, we love a wide, open color palette for clothing and many other things, but we don’t seem to feel that way about the color of our vehicles.

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When I was 16, my dad, knowing I wanted to borrow his car a lot, bought a horribly ugly 1978 Dodge Aspen station wagon – yellow

Smart fellow old man. He cut my request to borrow the car in half with a quick movement. This is what the car looked like (unless the one below is a Volare). Maybe it was this print ad that got him hooked:

Dodge Charger Challenger & Everything Mopar, Facebook

Dodge Charger Challenger & Everything Mopar, Facebook

I’ll go to my grave believing he did it to stop me from borrowing it. My mom’s car was locked, so if I wanted to drive, it was the Aspen. Oh, and the yellow color seemed to remind everyone in my peer group strongly urineso I had this to myself while spending a night on the town.

Sorry, the long-term scarring of this ugly, smelly, peeing evidence of the parent company’s financial woes has caused me to digress. Let’s get back to the actual topic.

Chauffeur opens limousine door.

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According to a study by, the most popular color for vehicles in the Rockford area is black

This preference carries over to the entire state of Illinois. The same applies to Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Michigan.

It’s not an overwhelming win, as vehicles that fall under the “grayscale” umbrella designation, meaning black, white, or gray, are top picks across all 50 states. When it comes to non-grayscale colors, red is the most popular color in 38 states, while blue is the top choice for non-grayscale in 12 states.

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