Singer shows a 510 hp Porsche masterpiece in Turbo Racing White

  • Singer began by reinterpreting the naturally aspirated 964 911 and has now specialized in bringing his magic to the turbo.
  • This car is the second “Turbo Concept” we’ve seen, in Turbo Racing White.
  • No price was given, but previous singers have generally cost upwards of half a million dollars.

    Singer Vehicle Design began reinventing the naturally aspirated 1989-’94 964-era Porsche 911 more than a decade ago, emphasizing the character of this car in ways even long-time Porschephiles could not have imagined. And yet it stood there, better in every respect than the 911 that came from Zuffenhausen 30 years ago. The cars looked better, drove better and sold for a lot more money than Porsche could have gotten for an original, even with that automaker’s infamous and lengthy options list. Singers sell for well over half a million dollars, we’re told.

    Are they worth it? Damn yes! Just ask anyone who’s ever driven one, or most people who’ve just looked at it. They are delicious.

    Singer specialized in making all-road, off-road 911s last year and began looking at turbocharged models earlier this year. The first turbo was called “Singer Turbo Study” and looked delicious. Or at least drive.

    Singer has now published photos of a second turbo study in Turbo Racing White. Each Singer is made to customer specification, with the approval of Singer founder and head of meticulous work, Rob Dickinson. This customer called for “a sporting focus”. Special:

    • Air-cooled 3.8 liter twin-turbo boxer engine with air-water intercooling
    • Performance increase to 510 hp
    • Center mounted fuel filler neck
    • Sport-calibrated chassis with lowering
    • Carbon ceramic braking system
    • Visible carbon elements for front splitter, shark fin inlet and whale tail spoiler
    • Delete rear bumper
    • Interior in bespoke Green houndstooth fabric with visible carbon fiber accents
    • Lightweight carbon fiber seats
    • Rear cross brace, lightweight door panels and painted interior surfaces
    • Lightweight carbon fiber body in Turbo Racing White

      No price was given, but we can assume it was hefty. And yes, like all the others, this one is certainly worth the money.

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