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In the event of a small collision alone, it may thus be interesting not to declare it to your insurance and to pay yourself the costs incurred so as not to increase your penalty.

Am I legally obliged to report the accident?

Nope ! nothing in the law obliges to declare it; but on condition that both parties involved agree. If the other motorist wants to draw up a report, you must submit to it. That said, it may be to your advantage not to inform your insurer if the damage is insignificant. Because the declaration of an accident, if you are responsible for it, will increase your penalty. Your premium will be increased by 25%.

When to ignore the facts?

If you are responsible for the shock, when the damage to the cars is really superficial and light. Do a little math: how much will i pay for insurance more with the malus? How much will it cost me, over several years, knowing that the bonus (given for one year without an accident) only increases by 5% per year? And how much would the repair of the damage be at my expense?

On your car, you can choose not to repair; or repair at a lower cost. But the other motorist may require him to have it repaired by a professional. It’s up to you to compare the costs.

Is it easy to assess repairs?

No way. And therein lies the trap! a simple touch-up paint, on a bumper or a door, is immediately hundreds of euros.

And the work on the sheet metal (possible in the event of any small surface deformation) is also very expensive. As soon as the sinking of the sheet is a little pronounced, the complete part must be changed. And spending is skyrocketing.

What if I undertake to compensate the other motorist?

The final bill may be much higher than you thought. The risk is to greatly underestimate the extent of the damage. Don’t think that a simple scratch, which has scratched the paint, and just dented the sheet metal in one place, costs less than 100 € to repair… It’s always much more expensive!

Trust at the scene of the accident, is it risky?

Yes ! not completing a report on site opens the door to unpleasant surprises. The other driver may have taken your details and declared the accident on his side, with his own version of the facts. Even claim that you refused to fill out a report and accuse you of hit and run.

If he declares the accident to him and you do nothing, you find yourself without any recourse: his presentation will be retained!

So what do I want to do?

It is best to fill in a report, as a precaution. And you agree, with the other motorist, not to send it. Then you have the amount of the repairs assessed. If it is too high, you send the report to your insurer.

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