still big difficulties in April 2022

No, the car market still didn’t get up after dtwo years of serious crisis. Result: registrations fell by 22.58% in April 2022, compared to the same period in April 2021. These results come from several causes including the Covid-19 crisis, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict as well as the Chinese reconfinements.

The car market fell by 22.6% in April

Difficult month of April for the French automotive market : the fall is 22.58% compared to April 2021, for a total of 108,733 units sold, according to data from the firm NGC-Data. This fall is all the more impressive when we know that in April 2021, the drop was 25.38% compared to April 2019, the last month of April pre-crisis. In April 2022, 80,000 fewer vehicles were sold compared to this month of April 2019. April 2022 is also the eleventh consecutive month of decline since June 2021.

Here is a summary of auto market sales since the beginning of the 2022 financial year:

  • January: 102,901 (–18.6%)
  • February: 115,383 (–13%)
  • March: 147,098 (–19.5%)
  • April: 108,733 (–22.6%)


An automotive market still in difficulty due to successive shortages

How to explain such numbers? “The main reason still lies in the difficulties of production and supply of electronic chips which limit the delivery capacities of the manufacturers and lengthen the delivery times. Added to this is the Ukrainian crisis and economic uncertainties, which obviously do not encourage the acquisition of a new vehicle,” explains NGC-Data.

Indeed, the Covid-19 crisis had already damaged the automotive market. The successive confinements led to breaks in production and supply chains. This subsequently produced a shortage of semiconductors. This shortage affected several sectors, including IT and the automotive industry.

Then triggered the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which has also disrupted production lines, some of which are located in Ukraine and Russia. Lately, these are recontainments in China that have impacted the production of car manufacturers.

Electrics are progressing

In detail, the Stellantis group resulting from the merger between PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) and Fiat-Chrysler lost 29.26% of its sales over one year (35,496 registrations). Renault experienced a drop of 20.96% (23,659 registrations), Volkswagen of 30.23% (14,310 registrations), Opel of 32.6% and Mini of 43.4%. Conversely, the sales of the Ford group increased by 10.88% (4,027 registrations), those of Nissan by 47.84% (2,908 registrations), those of Dacia by 6.5% and those of Kia by 9.1%.

For its part, the manufacturer specializing in electric cars, You’re here, also experienced a strong increase of 42.99% (8,578 registrations). This is certainly correlated with the increasing popularity of electric cars. The latter accounted for 11.9% of sales in the new, against 38.1% for gasoline, 16.3% for diesel and 28.4% for hybrid vehicles.

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