Tesla launches into insurance!

Having first benefited Californians, the core target of American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, car insurance dedicated to its models has also been launched in Texas. The “Tesla Insurance” promises great savings by exploiting the “Safety Score”, a rating system based on the driving habits of Tesla owners, the details of which are collected thanks to the technology embedded in these electric cars.

Savings on your electric car insurance by paying attention to your driving style

Tesla values ​​its good drivers

Could Tesla be radically changing the behavior of motorists? This is the question that we can legitimately ask ourselves following the launch of our insurance in Texas, last october 15. Ultra-connected vehicles, the Tesla are jewels of technology: autopilot, long autonomy, Wifi connection… If the brand owes its fame to its sleek design models, its on-board technology also has something to do with it!

It is on the basis of this know-how that the American manufacturer is launching its insurance based on the conduct of Tesla owners. She takes advantage of the driving statistics obtained through vehicle technology to build a profile and assign a rating to each driver.

It is on his notes that the price of the insurance is based. Whether the base score is 90, it can quickly go down depending on mishaps on the road. Thus, the speeding on bendsa strong braking or even the non-respect of safety distances now have a real impact on the rates of the car insurance in question. The note, of which the maximum is 100can therefore save you a lot of money.

For example, a driver with a score of 100/100 will make a savings of 30 euros (about 35 dollars) compared to the one whose mark will be in the average, namely 90.

Driving flexibility is obviously not the only criterion on which the insurer bases its billing for your protection and that of the vehicle in question. You will also need to provide the vehicle model or the distance traveled each year.

If some may have a form of “discrimination” and even intrusion into their privacy, it should be noted that Tesla does not show itself to be looking on the “insured profile” and does not allude to any bonus-malus system. may be to the driver’s disadvantage. Age is also not taken into account in the insurance calculation. ; enough to arouse the interest of the youngest drivers for this insurance, often singled out for a hypothetical lack of driving experience.

Finally, the insured with Tesla will not have to pay a single euro insofar as the measuring instruments are included in the electric vehicle, while other brands offering insurance based on the behavior of the driver on the road require the installation of a connected box.

Unfortunately for our exemplary drivers, the launch of such insurance cannot take place in Europe for some time, as Tesla cannot (yet) offer its insurance with us. This is being tested in the state of Texas, in the United States.

A good idea but not new

Although not yet a widespread insurance model, Tesla is highlighting this retributive way of insuring. However, the manufacturer, and now insurer, is not the first to offer it. Indeed, the insurer Aviva (one of the insurance leaders with Axa and Allianz in particular) has launched in 2018 the application Aviva Drivewhich rewards the careful driving of its motorists by reducing their premium.

While the idea of ​​rewarded eco-driving seems to appeal to players in the sector, it also raises the question of our “autonomy” in terms of driving. A excessive caution Committed by driving well below the speed limit can be more dangerous than a motorist who cannot keep a safe distance from another vehicle in certain situations.

The algorithms will have to be skilfully developed so as not to penalize drivers whose driving may be considered as not complying with their criteria.

Insurance for electric vehicles in France: where are we?

Is the insurance of an electric vehicle more expensive than that of a thermal vehicle?

Electric vehicle insurance France

Not really ! Contrary to what one might think given the cost of this type of vehicle, insurance for electric cars is worth that of thermal vehicles since insurers consider that they are:

  • Good less polluting ;
  • Less prone to accidents because they travel a shorter distance than thermal vehicles.

Some insurers even go so far as to reward vehicles with low CO2 emissions (less than 120g/km) with checks of between 50 and 100 euros! Another interesting fact to take into account: the car guarantees offered by insurers are largely the same.

We therefore find third-party insurance, theft and fire guarantees as well as the famous “all risks”. Moreover, we can only recommend that you opt for the latter as the price of an electric vehicle can quickly climb. Insurance for electric cars offers an assistance guarantee which, as its name suggests, comes to your aid in the event of a power failure while stationary (discharged or defective battery).

The annual premium for an electric vehicle is between 400 euro 600 euro, depending on the insured model. But be careful, however: said premium can quickly explode for an electric vehicle (compared to its gasoline version) depending on the rules of the insurer and the insured vehicle. Indeed, it is not uncommon for a “third-party” formula to be more expensive than an “all risks” formula… The best thing is therefore to compare the prices and multiply auto insurance quotes to be sure to pay the right price.

Between $2,000 and $3,000 : This is the average cost of insurance paid by Tesla drivers, depending on the model. In France, the average premium is €1,366 and can reach a ceiling at more than 3,300 euros! (2020 figures)

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The rise of electric vehicles

Electric vehicle figures

Some figures that testify to the rise of electric cars:

In September 2021, no less than 18,148 additional electric vehicles which have been put into circulation in France. This total increases to over 115,000 if we consider the period January-September 2021.

The Multiannual Energy Program (PPE) has set the course for 660,000 electric vehicles in circulation by 2023 while a goal of 2,000,000 electric vehicles products was announced by Emmanuel Macron during the presentation of his “France 2030” investment plan. Finally, Barbara Pompili, Minister for the Ecological Transition, mentioned the number of 100,000 electric charging stations by the end of the year.

With such figures, there is no doubt that certain insurers, of which Tesla is now a part, would be well advised to adapt their insurance offers to the technological innovations from which electric vehicles benefit today.

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