Tesla sold almost a million cars in 2021

It’s been a difficult year for the automotive market… but not for You’re here. During the year 2021, the brand of American billionaire Elon Musk sold almost a million vehicles, almost twice as many as in 2020. How to explain such success for a car brand still so young and still affected by many scandals?

Tesla rises in a very penalizing context for the auto market

Almost a million sales in 2021

2021 has been a very successful year for Tesla: 936,000 vehicles were delivered last year, all models combined, an increase of 87.4% in one year. This is much better than its initial objective announced in January 2021, which aims for growth of 50% per year on average over several years.

Precisely, it is above all the Model 3 sedan and the Model Y SUV that have convinced: on their own, they represent 911,208 sales. As for the more luxurious S and X models, Tesla has sold 24,964 in total.

A profitable strategy in a context of crisis and shortage

But how did Tesla manage to sell so many vehicles in a context of pandemic crisis, declining demand for cars and a shortage of semiconductors? Especially since the manufacturer only produces electric carsrequiring even more chips than current thermal cars.

First of all, you have to understand that Tesla is not just a car manufacturer. The brand also specializes in the design and manufacture of batteries, microchips, or even the seats of his cars. In addition, it develops its own software. This therefore allowed it to circumvent the shortage thanks to its new chip models and better software optimization.

Moreover, Tesla is a strategic customer for many of its suppliers. On the one hand, the manufacturer is in a strong position to negotiate thanks to its expertise. On the other hand, with its exponential growth, it represents a major challenge for suppliers. And the transition to the electric car is not there for nothing.


Between “hype”, scandals and recalls, Tesla continues to gain ground

The rise of electricity and stock market action

Because today, the tide is turning in the automotive sector and electricity is taking up more and more space. China and Europe are imposing increasingly restrictive and repressive policies towards internal combustion engines: ecological penalty, weight tax, increasingly expensive fuel… While the electric benefits from many incentives: ecological bonus, conversion bonus…

We should also remember that the lessor Hertz had ordered 100,000 Tesla vehicles to complete its fleet. The announcement caused Tesla’s stock price to jump and currently it sits above $1,100. The market capitalization of the Elon Musk brand therefore exceeds 1,000 billion dollars. Tesla is one of those stocks “hype”that is to say very exchanged and under the spotlight, which does not fail to contribute to the success of the brand.

A few scandals that don’t seem to stop Tesla in its tracks

However, Tesla’s journey is not without its pitfalls. In 2021, the manufacturer had to face many difficulties. During the Shanghai show, for example, the vehicle braking system. The NHTSA, the equivalent of the American Highway Safety has also opened an investigation following a series of accidents which would be due to theAutopilotTesla’s self-driving system.

At the end of December 2021, Tesla had also caused controversy around its “Passenger Play” functionality, which allows the passenger to play on the central shelf of cars. “How is it that a manufacturer is allowed to display videos that clearly interfere with concentration and take up two-thirds of the screen that the driver needs to have all the information about his vehicle? asked a resident of Oregon in a complaint.

Let’s not forget the important reminders carried out by the manufacturer: 500,000 vehicles in the United States and 200,000 in China for trunk problems. At the start of 2021, 158,000 cars had been recalled in the United States for safety issues.

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