Tesla, what are the particularities of this revolutionary car insurance that it has just launched?

It must be said that the car manufacturer Tesla is not lacking in its ideas. It continues its development by launching a new type of insurance policy. Since then, 8 states are experimenting with it, namely Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Virginia.

A different kind of insurance policy

The new Tesla insurance is based on a simple principle: “the better you drive, the less you pay”. For educational purposes, this invention aims to determine whether the motorist is a good or a bad driver. Not only is the revolutionary insurance policy based on the age and gender of the driver, but also on their driving habits. In other words, auto insurance is about analyzing information collected in real time by Tesla cars.

Surveillance Society, Episode #1276. Telsa being on auto insurance based on your driving data. https://t.co/IhFG7Xk3Zh

In the 8 States where this car insurance offer is operational, the data will make it possible to readjust the amount of the insurance premium. Tesla vehicles record the number of hard brakes, Autopilot forced disengagements, number of forward collision warnings (keep following), and cornering speed. This data is used to optimize the safety score which results in a bonus on monthly car insurance in Texas.

An insurance premium based on the safety score

According to the results of driving data analysis, Tesla classifies drivers into three categories (good, bad and average). An average motorist saves 20 to 40% on his insurance premium and a good driver can save up to 60%. Moreover, a driver who has accumulated a safety score ranging from 93 to 98 will only pay $83 in monthly auto insurance.

In France, this new concept of car insurance already exists, but is not yet very popular. According to a particular car insurance agency: “this recording of sensitive and nominative data on drivers is accepted by the CNIL (National Commission for Computing and Liberties) under certain conditions”. The deliberation 2010-096 of April 8, 2010 of the CNIL gives the details on this subject.

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