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Accident de la route et indemnisation sinistre constat amiable

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Do you know “auto e-report”? This is the official amicable report application developed by French car insurers. Its goal: to easily and quickly declare an accident that has occurred between two parties to its car insurance.

A mobile application for easily and quickly declaring an accident

There are now two ways to fill out an amicable auto report: you can do it either in paper versionthat is in dematerialized version, on smartphone. Indeed, thanks to the “e-constat auto” mobile application developed by French auto insurers, you can to declare easily and quickly an auto accident with material damage on your smartphone.

To be able to use the application, you must meet certain conditions:

  • The accident involves one or two motor vehicles (car, motorcycle, scooter, etc.);
  • Damaged vehicles are insured in France and have a French license plate;
  • The accident did not cause any bodily harm.

Please note, however, that you must continue to complete a paper accident report if:

  • The auto accident involves more than two vehicles;
  • The car accident occurred in a foreign country;
  • The car accident occurred with a foreign vehicle.
The advantage of this application: it speeds up the processing of car claims.

How to complete an auto e-report on a smartphone?

The e-constat auto mobile application allows you to draw up and transmit an amicable report to your auto insurance a few minutes only ! You can complete the report in a dematerialized version on your smartphone, that of the other driver, or both. In the same way as a paper joint report, each person can check the information entered by the other driver.

here are the steps to follow to complete your auto e-report:

  1. Indicate car insurance and vehicle registration numbers ;
  2. Fill in vehicle information (contract number, type of vehicle, damage caused, driver’s name, etc.);
  3. Describe the circumstances of the accident ;
  4. Draw a sketch of the accident ;
  5. Add additional information if needed ;
  6. Review the information on the finding summary ;
  7. Sign the e-report directly on your smartphone screen with your finger. Once signed, you will receive your report in PDF version. A second version will also be sent to your car insurance.
You can download the e-constat auto application free of charge from Google Play and the App Store.

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