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While the price of diesel and unleaded 95 (E10) is currently around 2 euros per litre, Michel-Edouard Leclerc is throwing a bombshell: it will soon no longer be possible to sell fuel at cost price. At Leclerc, these promotional operations could no longer take place from August 22, the date of application of the new Climate Law. What is it really?

The sale of fuel at cost price is not prohibited per se

This new climate law indeed prohibits any advertising concerning fossil fuels, and not the application of certain tariffs. Leclerc could therefore carry out operations on fuel at cost price, but would no longer have the right to communicate on this! There is therefore no interest for supermarkets to carry out this promotion, if it no longer allows them to attract many customers through advertising. At cost price, the service stations of the hypermarkets serve only as a loss leader. The objective is then to attract customers to do their shopping. A device used for many weeks by Casino supermarkets, in particular

An implementing decree should be published to define precisely which energies will be concerned and which type of advertising would become prohibited.

Gasoline is thus classified among products such as tobacco and cigarettes whose promotion is prohibited. Except that in the case of fuels, these are essential products for many French people who have not yet switched to the electric car!

How to find gas stations where the price of fuel is cheaper?

An official government site offers to compare the prices of gas stations in your geographical area. You can choose your fuel, and your city or postal code to easily compare the prices offered in real time. In the same sector, the difference in price per liter can reach up to 20 cents: it is always useful to compare.

This information is also taken up by specific applications on smartphones, but created by application publishers. Not all are very successful!

What are the cheapest fuels in France?

For many years diesel was cheaper than unleaded. With diesel cars consuming less fuel, the balance sheet was clearly in favor of diesel, which favored the sale of diesel cars. The prices are now very close, and the price of diesel sometimes exceeds that of gasoline! It’s no longer the cheap fuel we used to know.

To save money with a thermal car, it must run on LPG or E85. Read should we crack on superethanol E85?

Either way, a gas-powered car can be modified after purchase to run on either of its two fuels. The transformation is however more complex in the case of LPG, and therefore more expensive. To transform a gasoline car, the installation of an E85 box costs less than 700 euros and is amortized more quickly.

But some manufacturers offer new cars directly converted to these fuels. Renault, for example, offers the Clio and the Captur GPL. Only downside: due to shortages of components, their deliveries are currently suspended. At Dacia, the Sandero, Jogger and Duster are also offered in an LPG variant.

For the E85, Ford has approved several models including the Fiesta, Focus, Puma and Kuga. These models can be purchased directly from the dealership, the Puma E85 in particular meeting with great success.

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