The French car fleet is aging more and more

the French car fleet finds it increasingly difficult to renew itself. Consequence: it is aging more and more and now the average age of vehicles on our roads is 11 years. And the phenomenon tends to be reinforced with the Covid-19 crisiswho trains shortages and delivery delays, as well as the increase in the price of cars. So to save money on your car budget, don’t hesitate to compare insurance!

The average age of the French car fleet is 11 years old

The French vehicle fleet is ageing. According to figures from AAA Data, the average age of the 41.1 million cars circulating in France is 11 years old on January 1, 2022. This is more than in 2021 (10.8 years old on average) and that in 2020 (10.6 years on average).

Namely that 93% of the French car fleet is in the hands of individuals, while they represent only half of purchases for the new market. Still very popular, SUVs represent 19% of registrations for the entire fleet. The electric cars make up 1% of the car fleet. If this seems little, the progression of this type of motorization is exponential. As to dieselit is struggling: it only represents 55.5% of the French car fleet in 2022, compared to 57% in 2021.

An automotive market struggling to renew itself in a context of crisis and inflation

But how to explain this aging of the French vehicle fleet ? There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Firstly, there is a very circumstantial reason: the Covid-19 crisis. The latter caused on the one hand the stoppage of automobile production during the weeks of confinement, on the other hand the shortage of semiconductors, which is still hitting the market. As car production is reduced, delivery times for new cars have increased, preventing a good renewal of the car fleet. In addition, some individuals have turned to the second hand marketin particular to avoid delivery delays.

Second reason, also cyclical: the drastic increase in the price of fuel in 2021. The purchasing power devoted to the automobile of the French has therefore decreased. The car is more expensive and many French people are turning to different mobility alternatives, especially in large cities.

Finally, there is a third fundamental reason, more structural: the increase in the price of new cars. Cars today have more security systemsoften expensive, which have generally increased the cost of production of the models: ABS, ESP, seat belt warning light, airbags… Still according to AAA Data, the number of households having acquired a new car during the year fell to 2.3% from 7% in the mid-1990s.


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