the most damaged vehicles are BMWs

The company carVertical publishes its annual report with very interesting data on the used car market: which vehicles are the most stolen? The most damaged? Most Wanted? It is a German firm in three letters which comes back very often…

Data that explains the cost of auto insurance

The amount of the auto insurance premium depends on a careful calculation on the part of the insurers. The profile of the insured of course has its influence: young drivers and seniors pay more on average because, in the eyes of insurers, they represent a higher risk of loss.

Beyond age, place of residence is also a determining factor: policyholders from Ile-de-Franceof PACA and of Corsica have to pay a higher contribution, in particular because of a greater number of thefts and vandalism.

Finally, the brand and model of the vehicle also play a role. As a general rule, the more recent and expensive a vehicle, the higher the premium. sports cars and a fortiori are over-represented in road accidents and theft.


BMW: a very popular brand, but very damaged

Trends confirmed by carVertical, which allows motorists to check the history of used vehicles. With over 22 million cars inspected, the company accumulates a large amount of automotive data and uses it in its annual report. The aggregated statistics notably make it possible to know the list of the most damaged vehicles on the market.

In this case, it is the models of the BMW brand that suffer the most accidents: 47.77% of BMWs on the market are damaged, according to 2021 data, which partly explains the high cost of insurance. Moreover, the age of the vehicle does not change anything: 52% of BMWs built after 2010 are damaged. For comparison, barely 30% of all Fiats have already suffered an accident.

However, this does not prevent BMWs, and more generally German brands, from being the favorites of the French: BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi are the most popular manufacturers (13% of cars verified on the platform). The BMW 3 Series and 5 Series, the VW Golf, and the Audi A6 and A3 are particularly popular.

The Škoda Octavia is the most often stolen

Another model, the Škoda Octavia is also one of the favorite cars of the public, but it is also the most stolen. According to reports, the Octavia is 3.75 times more likely to be stolen than the BMW 3 Series. Again, the price of insurance is bound to suffer.

Another interesting trend: the most wanted models. According to carVertical, old BMWs are the most present on the second-hand market: 40.38% of cars checked in 2021 are BMWs manufactured between 1990 and 2010against only 11% of Citroën, for example.

Beware of odometer fraud

Finally, one last element is also to remember for buyers of a booming second-hand market: odometer fraud is still extremely common. 18.5% of all reports last year showed signs of odometer tampering. In terms of figures, this represents 7,112,444,874 kilometers removed in all on all the vehicles examined.

It is therefore necessary to be particularly vigilant before buying a second-hand vehicle. And when it comes to insurance for expensive or frequently damaged vehicles, going through a car insurance comparator makes it easy to find cheaper quotes.

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