Used electric car: good or bad idea?

7% of French people are ready to go electric. Is this your case? If so, what about the used electric car ? Is this a good deal? Or is it still too early?

The used electric car to save

Buy a used electric car is it interesting? Indeed, with the growth in new electric sales, the offer multiplies and diversifies on occasion. On the model side, we often and logically find the bestsellers something new: the Renault ZOE in particular. Other models are also beginning to poke their nose on the second-hand market: Peugeot e-208, e-2008, Volkswagen ID.3, Citro├źn E-C4, but also the very popular Tesla Model 3, which is experiencing demand very strong.

As a result, it is possible to achieve significant savings. The Renault ZOE sell for between 7,000 and 10,000 euros, for 15,000 to 30,000 kilometers on the odometer. It is also possible to get an e-208 around 10,000 kilometers for around 25,000 euros.

You will also save money fuel. Indeed, for the same distance traveled, electricity is cheaper than gasoline or diesel. However, this trend may not last.

Finally, insurance may cost you less. L’reduced autonomy electric vehicles require them to be used less riskily than conventional engines. In addition, their value being lower on occasion, car insurance will be less expensive than for a new model. So, with a used electric car, you will probably find a contract at an attractive price, especially if you do a car insurance comparison!


What should be checked on a second-hand electric car?

But before making a purchase, it is worth checking a few things about a used electric car. The element on which you must first pay attention is the battery. Indeed, it is his state that will determine thevehicle range.

It will therefore be necessary to be wary of announcements which promise autonomy as in the first hour on a vehicle which is already a few years old and a few tens of thousands of kilometers. If it is difficult to check the condition of a battery yourself, a professional can help you. Thanks to certain software, it is in fact possible to control thebattery status.

Also consider the charging cables, essential if you want to power your car. Generally, the seller provides one or more. But if this is not the case, it will be necessary to obtain some directly from the manufacturer of the model.

A few things to know before buying

Another element to inspect when buying an electric car, whether new or used: the availability of nearby charging stations. Currently, most models use the Combo or CCS (Combined Charging System) socket, which allows fast charging. But it is still worth checking this, as well as the power of the charging stations available.

As with thermal models, buying from a dealership or a garage can allow you to obtain a additional warranty in case of breakdown or breakage. This can be interesting, especially if you buy a model that already has some mileage.

Lately, it is never useless to find out about the model that interests you on the Internet. There are various forums and community groups on social media that are full of user feedback and usage. Internet users will be able to advise you and answer most of your questions in this area.

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