Vehicle safety – Mandatory black box on new car models from July 2022

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From July 6, 2022, new vehicle models manufactured in the European Union must be equipped with a black box. This device makes it possible to record driving parameters a few seconds before an accident, such as speed, acceleration or braking phase, seat belt wearing, use of the indicator, collision force or engine speed. engine.

Adopted in 2019, Regulation (EU) 2019/2144 of the European Parliament aims to improve road safety and the protection of vehicle occupants. It provides for the obligation to equip new models of vehicles built in the European Union with automated safety devices and in particular with a black box. This new device intended to record certain driving data (speed, braking phase, seat belt use, impact force, etc.) should make it possible to better identify the causes of a road accident.

Applicable throughout Europe from July 6, 2022 for new car, van, truck and bus approvals and from July 6, 2024 for new vehicle registrations. Second-hand vehicles are therefore not affected by this new mandatory equipment.

What data is recorded by the black box?

The black box is a small box fitted with an electronic chip which records data provided by the vehicle such as speed, acceleration or braking phase, seat belt wearing, use of the indicator, force of the collision, the engine speed or the inclination of the vehicle 30 seconds before the accident and 10 seconds after the impact. The black box fitted to the cars does not record any personal data about the driver or the passengers of the vehicle, such as sounds and conversations inside the cabin.

The recorded data will only be used in the event of an accident. Only investigators, judicial authorities or research institutes should have access to black box data.

Mandatory equipment on new vehicles

Adopted in 2019, Regulation (EU) 2019/2144 on the safety of European Union vehicles establishes the automated safety devices that must be fitted to new vehicles built in the European Union from July 2022.

All new vehicles must be equipped with the following safety features:

  • intelligent speed adaptation system;
  • interface to allow the installation of an alcohol ignition interlock device (alcohol tester);
  • driver drowsiness and loss of attention warning systems;
  • advanced driver distraction warning systems;
  • emergency stop signals;
  • reverse detection systems;
  • event data recorders (black boxes);
  • accurate tire pressure monitoring system.

In addition to lane departure detection systems and advanced emergency braking systems, buses and trucks will also need to be equipped with advanced systems capable of detecting pedestrians and cyclists in close proximity to the right side of the vehicle. in order to warn the driver of their presence and to avoid any accident with these vulnerable road users. They must be constructed in a way that will help reduce blind spots in front and on the driver’s side.

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