Volkswagen T-Cross TSI 110 DSG7 test: the cube

Volkswagen T-Cross TSI 110 DSG7 review

Last to arrive in Volkswagen’s thermal SUVs before being joined by the Taigo, the small T-Cross completes the range made up of the T-Roc, Tiguan and Touareg since 2019. Its small size and its functionalities have quickly allowed it to take pride of place. on the French market. It is the third best-selling Volkswagen in France in 2022, behind the Polo and the T-Roc, and ahead of the Golf. Contact, with a High Carat version and the TSI 110 DSG7 engine.

Design: a Volkswagen T-Cross that relies on its small size

With only 4.11 m long and 1.58 m high, the Volkswagen T-Cross stands out from the competition. It is indeed much smaller than the stars of the segment now closer to 4.30 m. Even if it only returns 12 com to the T-Roc, the rendering is totally different, giving it a cubic appearance. Those who do not find it sufficiently slender can opt for its coupé version, the Taigo.

From the front, the width of the T-Cross is accentuated by the widened grille which encompasses the rectangular headlamps. The style is typical of Volkswagen, and refers to the brand’s other SUVs.

Based on the modular transverse platform (MQB), the T-Cross takes the opportunity to place its front axle further forward, with a reduced overhang.

This Carat version includes standard fog lamps with cornering lights, silver roof bars, LED taillights and 17-inch alloy wheels.

The LED rear lights of the T-Cross
The LED rear lights of the T-Cross

So no love at first sight for most buyers with this rather serious T-Cross in its style, but a judicious size for urban use. The brand still offers customization options to add a little spice, such as the optional “Orange” design pack. Beware, however, of resale: the orange rims will not please everyone!

This Carat finish has a complete equipment
This Carat finish has a complete equipment

Interior and trunk: A well-thought-out T-Cross

Inside the T-Cross, again the designers have opted for solid and classic. The design of the dashboard is quite classic, but modern. And the functions offered are up to date, as we will see.

The dashboard is serious but modern
The dashboard is serious but modern

On the finishing side, we are unfortunately far from the last Golf 8. Here the plastics are rigid, including for the instrumentation cover. On this Carat version, the driver still benefits from an Active Info Display digital instrumentation worthy of the superior category. It can be used to display the navigation, the media display or even the telephony, as required, in addition to the counters.

The digital instrumentation of the T-Cross
The digital instrumentation of the T-Cross

There was a time when the Carat finish at Volkswagen benefited from leather upholstery. Then alcantara… And now, we have to settle for fabric upholstery. Next step: we sit on the bare chassis? Too bad not to keep a distinction for the Carat version with beautiful upholstery. But it must be said that the top of the range is rather the R Line finish, even if the price is identical to that of this Carat finish.

At the rear, the space is rather convincing if we keep in mind the length contained at only 4.11 m. This T-Cross is an urban one that offers a size/livability ratio worthy of the name.

The T-Cross has a large trunk with a capacity of between 385 and 455 litres. By folding down the rear seat, the volume can increase to 1281 litres: practical for making a small move!

Modularity is indeed possible with the rear bench seat sliding over 14 cm.

Living on board, the T-Cross is therefore well designed, we would only have liked a finish more in the spirit of the Golf and semi-leather or alcantara upholstery.

The capacity of the trunk is adjustable thanks to the sliding rear bench seat
The capacity of the trunk is adjustable thanks to the sliding rear bench seat

Driving: wise and wise

The Volkswagen T-Cross combines everything that today’s urban customers expect: an elevated driving position, a small size that is easy to park, driving comfort and pleasant manoeuvring. The choice is limited for engines, since only the 3-cylinder 1.0 TSI (gasoline therefore, code name EA211) is offered in 95 or 110 hp. Buyers will have the choice between the manual gearbox and the DSG7 dual-clutch gearbox, but will not be able to take advantage of all-wheel drive. This leaves the field open to the T-Roc which offers it powers close to 200 hp at the top of the range (or even 300 hp for the R version) and the 4MOTION transmission.

For its part, the Taigo is entitled to the 1.5 TSI 150 hp DSG, an interesting engine. With prices not very far from the T-Cross…

But 110 hp and two-wheel drive are quite enough and suitable for everyday life in a big city. With the DSG7 gearbox, the pleasure is there with a notable smoothness of driving. And that corresponds well to the spirit of the T-Cross which does not ask to be heckled. Despite its reasonable torque, starting on the wheel hats weakens the traction of the front axle. And if you start to go up in the towers, you will benefit from the vocalizations of a 3 cylinder necessarily a little tiring. At low speed, it is rather discreet, on the contrary.

Another positive point for the city: a reduced turning radius, which facilitates U-turns.

The T-Cross is at home in urban environments
The T-Cross is at home in urban environments

The DSG7 box offers two Comfort and Sport driving modes, and is also associated with small paddles on the steering wheel.

Volkswagen has not forgotten the panel of driving aids that are now essential: emergency braking function in town, lane keeping assistant, hill start assistant, blind spot detector, lane departure assistant. .. Without forgetting a reversing camera for maneuvers.

Among the options, customers can also opt for the adaptive cruise control, the fatigue detector or the parking maneuver assistant.

Too bad in any case that the T-Cross is faced with the impasse on micro-hybridization to contain its appetite in town. Urban consumption can indeed easily climb to 9 L/100 km.

The fog lamp surround refers to the T-Roc before its restyling


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