What are the most produced cars in France?

The most produced car in France last year was a Japanese one: the Toyta Yaris. It is on the factory of Onnaing (North), which has 5,000 employees, that the 4th generation of the city car is assembled. We note that the best-selling models in France are mainly manufactured abroad. A major industrial issue a few months before the presidential election and while the electricity market is at its highest.

Deindustrialization vs reindustrialization

A few months before the presidential election, there is no doubt that the issue of national industrial capacity will be increasingly present in the debates. Currently, reindustrialization projects coexist with the findings of deindustrialization.

The health crisis, and its delivery problems, have for example highlighted our dependence on components produced abroad. One thinks of semiconductors, but also of bike spare partswhich contributed to bicycle price inflation.

On the other hand, industrial projects should also see the light of day soon, particularly in the automotive sector. To reduce their dependence on Asian manufacturers, French manufacturers want to quickly launch their battery factories in France (Renault in Douai, Stellantis in Douvrin).


decrease in made in France

As far as car assembly itself is concerned, the French auto industry has stalled for two years. In 2021, national production thus remained under the symbolic bar of 1.5 million vehicles assembled (including light utilities).

In 2019, last reference year “pre-Covid”production reached 2.2 million vehicles. However, this is less than between 1970 and 2005, when the number of units assembled exceeded 3 million per year. For the record, the hexagonal production peak dates from 1989, with nearly 4 million vehicles leaving the factories (3.92 million).

As for the current composition of national production, in 2021 a foreign car was manufactured in greater numbers in France: the Toyota Yaris, with 156,000 units factory outlets, according to data from the Inovev firm.

The most produced car models in France

Model 2020 2021 % change compared to 2021
Toyota Yaris 188 142 156,464 -17%
Peugeot 3008 148,733 147,547 -1%
Renault Kangoo 89,592 90 241 +1%
Vauxhall Mokka 0 82,277
Renault Zoe 92,621 73,738 -20%
Renault Traffic 68,856 64,732 -6%
Renault Master 73,077 61,274 -16%
Peugeot Expert 53,577 59 129 +10%
Peugeot 5008 56,552 58,533 +4%
Peugeot 308 96,690 53,814 -44%

Source: Inovev

Disconnect between auto production and consumption

Despite a drop in the number of cars produced by 17%, the Japanese made in Onnaing (North) exceeds the Peugeot 3008 assembly in Sochaux (Doubs) and the Renault Kangoo made in Maubeuge (North).

What we notice is a disconnection between the vehicles produced in France and the best-selling in France. The French market, for example, only absorbs around 20% of Yaris production. : 68,000 were sold in France last year out of 156,000 produced.

Conversely, the three best-selling cars in France in 2021 are manufactured abroad. The Peugeot 208 II, last year’s bestseller, is assembled in Argentina, Slovakia and Morocco. The Renault Clio V, second on the podium, is manufactured between Truqie and Slovenia. As for the Peugeot 2008, it is produced in Spain.

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