what damage can be compensated?

After the hailstorms in the Vienne, significant in places, individuals and professionals wonder about what can be compensated or not.

What does your insurance contract provide for in the event of damage caused by hailstorms? After Monday’s bad weather in the Vienne department, individuals and professionals are faced with sometimes different situations.

For farmers, for example, the out-of-pocket costs could turn out to be high since the episode is not recognized as a state of natural disaster.

Only one solution remains: to turn to insurance. Still, many farmers are not necessarily covered for the risk of hail, which is often very expensive. In this case, the lost crops will therefore not be compensated.

However, farmers affected by significant losses have the option of turning to their local elected officials or their agricultural union. The latter have the possibility of alerting the prefecture to hope for a classification in agricultural calamities.

The administrative procedure is sometimes long and is instructed following an investigation carried out by the services on the initiative of the prefect.

For this, cultures must not be insurable. For example, over the past ten years, in Vienne, only nine recognitions of a state of agricultural disaster (for drought or frost) have been recorded.

Individuals should also turn to their insurance, if they have suffered damage (car, house roof, etc.). They have five days to file their declaration. Either by telephone, or by Internet or quite simply, by moving to an agency. For example, an insurer such as Macif recorded 6,000 claims for this single episode at the start of the week.

In the interest of the individual, it is advisable to take as many photographs of the damage as possible and to recover the purchase invoices of what has been damaged. In the heaviest cases, it is advisable not to clean before the passage of the expert.

The policyholder’s contract will specify the conditions for covering damage on the line detailing the storm, snow and hail cover.

As for the impacts of hail on cars, the level of reimbursement will depend on the insurance chosen. In the event of a broken windshield, the glass breakage is easily reimbursed. On the other hand, for bodywork, if you are insured “third party”, it is to be feared that all costs will be at your expense. If you are insured “all risks”, everything is covered, minus the deductible which varies according to the contract.

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