What does third-party insurance cover for a young driver?

Young drivers do not have a high budget to insure their car. They often turn to third-party insurance. This warranty covers damage caused to others. They represent the mandatory minimum to be able to travel with a car on the road. It can be supplemented by options in order to improve the coverage of a novice driver. Insurers offer different formulas adapted to everyone’s budget.

Third-party car insurance for young drivers.

Compulsory minimum for a vehicle to circulate freely on the road, third-party insurance for young drivers is also known as compulsory civil liability. In the event of an accident, this insurance covers damage caused to others. Whether it is people or property, the damage is covered by the driver’s insurance.

But with the minimum third, the driver has no guarantee for himself or to repair his vehicle in the event of an accident for which he is responsible. He must subscribe to options to improve his level of protection. In the event that he suffers damage during a non-responsible accident, the third party’s insurance will cover the costs incurred.


Third-party insurance for young drivers is identical to any third-party insurance. Only its price varies according to experience and seniority as insured. Young drivers see the price of their contribution undergo an increase in their young driver insurance. This additional premium decreases each year if the novice driver has not committed an accident in the meantime.

Box: Did you know? Accompanied driving influences the price of your insurance: thanks to early learning to drive, your insurance premium will be reduced. Insurance companies take into account your driving experience prior to obtaining your driver’s license. The additional premium is reduced and it is only applied for a period of 2 years instead of 3 for those who have followed the basic driving license training.

The different levels of cover offered by insurers for young drivers.

Each insurance company has its own option grid for a free simulation for young driver insurance, but it is possible to define 4 levels of guarantee common to all to define the best young driver insurance. If they can take different names depending on the brand, they have similar guarantees with a few variations. But beware, some will offer cheap young driver insurance rates with fewer guarantees.

Third party insurance.

Third-party insurance includes the mandatory minimum with civil liability. It covers costs related to damage caused by its holder to others, whether to a person or a building. Please note that the driver and his vehicle are not covered if he is responsible for the accident. This is the most economical formula, but also the one offering the least protection to the young driver. Many insurers add legal protection, telephone assistance in the event of an accident and driver’s guarantee to this formula.

Third-party-theft-fire insurance.

Taking up the basic guarantees of third-party insurance, this formula adds two interesting options for the driver. His vehicle is insured against theft and fire. This avoids losing all his investment in the event of total or partial destruction of his vehicle. Its additional cost is low and secures the driver against the vagaries of daily life. For more comfort, it is also possible to add the glass breakage option to avoid having to pay for the replacement of a windshield or a broken window.

Back to back insurance.

With guaranteed all-risk insurance, young drivers are covered even if they are responsible for an accident or if their vehicle is damaged by an unidentified third party. The damage to his vehicle is covered by the insurance. If the driver were to be hospitalized or to have after-effects, the insurance will pay him compensation in the form of a capital defined when the contract is taken out. This formula is much more expensive, especially for young drivers representing a greater financial risk for insurance. It is to be reserved for a recent car whose value is high.

All risk plus insurance.

A top-of-the-range formula that can take different names such as “All risks plus” or “All risks comfort”, this insurance includes additional options. Here we find assistance in the event of a breakdown, the provision of a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident, greater compensation in the event of destruction or theft of the vehicle and a guarantee of personal effects. Other options can also complete the offer such as a reinforced driver’s guarantee with higher compensation in the event of an accident or a replacement value guarantee for 2 or 3 years.

It is therefore imperative to choose young driver insurance according to the formula that best meets your expectations, whether in terms of price and the guarantees that you wish to prioritize.

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