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Electric vehicles, a cost to be assessed

Enter here rising prices and the ecological impact of fuels, it’s time to question the advantages of electric vehicles. State aid, marketing of new models,… the arguments are numerous to succumb to it. But is it really a good deal? This Wednesday, March 30, Le Parisien publishes a double page on the true cost of the electric car. Assurland.com intervenes there on the point of car insurance. So, more or less expensive, electric?

The boom in electric car sales

State aid ranges from ecological bonus (6,000 euros maximum), at the conversion bonus (5,000 euros maximum) through the tax credit for installing a charging station at his home. These aids can be combined and represent up to 11,000 euros for a new vehicle costing less than 45,000 euros. But the purchase price is still high. It is indeed necessary to count more than 30,000 euros for the best-selling models, a cost which is not within everyone’s reach. Even by opting for leasing, the rent is 150 euros monthly minimum. Le Parisien nevertheless explains that the Dacia Spring displays, for example, a more attractive price, from 17,690 euros. And despite this notion of high cost, sales are exploding. The first two months of the year saw 23,671 electric cars registered, compared to 14,896 the previous year, representing a market share of 10.8% compared to 5.8% in 2021! At Aramisauto, a specialist in the sale of used vehicles, the observation is the same: “Last week, we sold twice as many electric cars as in previous weeks“.

As far as repairs are concerned, there are no bad surprises to be expected. Simplified mechanics allow halve the cost of maintenance compared to thermal cars, i.e. between 250 and 300 euros per overhaul. This would save nearly 4,000 euros over the lifetime of the machine. The battery is usually covered for 8 years, what’s more.

Insurance still expensive for electric cars

It is on the insurance side that the bottom hurts. Indeed, as explained by Olivier Moustacakis, co-founder of Assurland.com interviewed by Le Parisien: “Drivers are surprised by their power. The cost of repairs is much higher, because there is a lot of aluminum in the bodywork, innovative technologies and few authorized garagess“. If the average premium amounts to around 600 euros, it is necessary to count in the 1,000 euro premium for a top-of-the-range model such as Tesla. For the co-founder of Leocare, Christophe Dandois: “The difference is partly offset by the removal, for green vehicles, of the tax on insurance agreements (TSCA) which weighs 20% of the premium“. Commercial offers are also offered by insurers.

Finally, it will be necessary to count the reloading. Some terminals allow you to connect your vehicle free of charge. If you install a terminal at home, its price will depend on its power. Count on average between 400 and 1,100 euros, material and labor included, and deduct the tax credit. Finally, beware of fast charging stations, they can charge very high.

The Parisian article is available here https://www.leparisien.fr/automobile/achat-entretien-consommation-assurance-quel-est-le-vrai-prix-de-la-voiture-electrique-30-03- 2022-OYSJ5DNVHBGLNECAMPPYZI2TIM.php

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