What solutions to benefit from cheaper car insurance?

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Any vehicle, whatever it is, even immobilized or unusable, must be insured by its owner. So there is always the question of the choice of the insurance company according to its budget and other criteria which can lower the amount of the contribution.

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22.1 billion euros! This is the amount of motor insurance turnover in France for the year 2018. The French Insurance Federation (FFA) also indicates in this report published in 2020 that, at that time, the annual premium cost around €410 excluding VAT for vehicles of 1D categories and insured under a single contract.

Considering these figures, it is easy to understand why motorists seek to lower the amount of their premium. How to get a cheaper car insurance without removing all the guarantees that protect you as drivers?

What criteria can increase the auto insurance premium?

When simulating or underwriting a insurance car, various elements are analyzed to offer a tailor-made contract adapted to the needs and characteristics of the driver.

  • the make, model, age and value of the vehicle to be insured;
  • her Powerful ;
  • the frequency of use and in particular the number of kilometers traveled per year;
  • the place of residence and, more particularly, the place of parking of the vehicle is also essential. Indeed, geographical areas with low urban concentration have feweraccidents and therefore, the rates are a little lower than in the big cities;
  • finally, the use of the car will also be taken into account to establish the rate. A vehicle that is only used for private travel will benefit from more advantageous prices than a car that is used daily for professional travel (commercial professions, caregivers, etc.).

Can the driver’s profile influence prices?

Several other factors can actually have an impact on the amount of contributions that will protect you and your vehicle. The seniority of the driver, his professional activity or the type of residence are part of it. Today, the loyalty of policyholders as well as their good behavior (by which we mean the absence of claims) are also a strong point for reducing the amount of monthly payments.

How to lower the amount of insurance premiums?

In parallel with all these criteria, other solutions can allow you to lower the cost of your car insurance. Choose a less exhaustive formula, for example. By using a car insurance comparator, you get an overview of the different offers marketed and the guarantees included. During this comparison step, you could choose to give less importance to certain coverages to lower the price.

Another track: opt for a higher deductible in the event of an incident. By negotiating an increase in the deductible, you have the possibility of saving a few tens of euros per year.

Finally, a trick that can also have a positive influence on your search for savings consists of paying the entire annual premium in one go. Indeed, the monthly or quarterly payment entails management fees (and therefore an additional cost) while the annual payment would save you around 5%.

Car insurance is an obligation for all car owners. Several levels of insurance exist to meet the needs of drivers but a minimum with civil cover (in other words third party insurance) is required!

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