what to choose between agency and individuals?

If you want to rent a car for your travels, several solutions are available to you. Let’s review the benefits of each!

The sunny days are back, and you may want to go on a weekend or a driving holiday, or rent a car for a one-time trip. For this, there are many rental agencies that have a storefront, with a wide range of rental vehicles.

An alternative solution has been developed in recent years: the peer-to-peer car rental. Driven by collaborative platforms, it makes it possible to give a “boost” to an individual by renting their car, while developing human contacts when a rental vehicle is needed.

Peer-to-peer car rental: the price advantage

The peer-to-peer car rental has the advantage of offering attractive prices : be careful however, because these can vary from simple to triple. Indeed, multiple vehicle models are offered, from the most recent to the oldest, including sports or collector’s models.

So, if you choose a rather old model, more than 5 years old for example, you can often get good deals and divide your car rental bill by two or three! However, peer-to-peer car rental is less flexible than an agency : it is advisable to book your car in advance, and availability is not always guaranteed, unlike rental through an agency.

Agency car rental: recent models

When you opt for the agency car rental, the vehicles are available immediately: in fact, last-minute rentals are quite possible, even if the rates can sometimes vary upwards depending on demand. Indeed, professional rental companies often take advantage of special occasions, such as vacation departures, to inflate their prices!

In addition, you will not always be able to rent a specific car model, but a category (city car, compact, family, etc.). The advantage of a car rental agency is also to be able to drive with recent vehicles : indeed, the fleet of rental agencies is regularly renewed.

Peer-to-peer car rental: what you need to know

To rent a car between individuals, it is recommended to go through a online platform such as Getaround, Roadstr or OuiCar: there are many examples. All you have to do is choose your pick-up location, the model and the desired reservation dates.

The advantage of going through a reputable platform to rent a car between individuals is to drive with peace of mind thanks to theCar Insurance that the platform has taken out in collaboration with a reputable insurer, such as Axa or Allianz for example. Be careful, however, of the guarantees as well as the amounts of the deductibles applied in the event of a claim, which may be higher than for a rental in an agency.

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