what will change for drivers in 2022?

Auto qu'est-ce qui change conducteurs en 2022

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The new year brings its share of novelties in many areas and the car is no exception! Penalties, speed cameras, tolls… There is no shortage of changes! LeLynx.fr takes stock of what you need to know as a driver for 2022.

Auto and motorcycle: anti-noise exit radars

They were presented as marginal last year, they will become more and more visible this year. Anti-noise radars will increasingly appear on the roads of France and will be one of the few 4,700 devices scattered throughout the territory. Placed high up in several towns, their mission will be toidentify the noisiest vehiclesequipped with their camera and 5 microphones. Very discreet, blending into the urban landscape, it will probably be difficult to escape…

The radars will also be able to identify vehicles whose technical control is not up to date, so be careful not to forget it!

The penalty linked to CO2 emissions and weight

A new CO2 penalty grid will be applied for new vehicles that exceed a certain CO2 emission threshold per km. You will now have to turn to a vehicle emitting maximum 128 grams of CO2/km (against 133 g last year). Be aware that this sum can reach the €40,000 maximum (against €30,000 previously) for vehicles exceeding the 222 g of CO2 per kilometer. However, this penalty cannot represent more than 50% the purchase price of the vehicle.

A new weight penalty has been applied to certain new vehicles since January 1, 2022. It will concern motorists wishing to purchase a vehicle exceeding 1,800 kg. These will be 10 euros per extra kilo which will be invoiced for those who still want to purchase it. The large families should be exempt from this condition, as should electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles which will also not be affected by this malus.

New auto claims packages

the IRSA package (compensation and recourse agreement between insurance companies) improves compensation procedures in the event of a road accident. This is a device improving the coverage of motorists affected by a car accident in the light of agreements made by the various insurers. This evolves from1.67% on January 1 and is now €1,706.

To note that the IRSA package remains fixed and cannot exceed 1,706 euros for all damages not exceeding 6,500 euros. If they exceed 6,500 euros, the recourse will be based on the actual amount of the damage.

The IRCA convention (automotive bodily compensation and recourse agreement) is another inter-insurance agreement that facilitates and simplifies the management of minor bodily claims (without sequelae) which represent the majority of cases processed. It drops from 15.7% and is from €1,254 (€1,480 in 2021)

Finally, the expertise threshold increases to 850 euros without taxes. This minimum sum corresponds to the minimum amount from which an auto expert would be dispatched to initiate an action between insurers. The use of an expert was considered mandatory from 650 € excluding tax and therefore sees its floor ceiling being raised since 1 January.

The rise in toll prices

Other bad news: motorway tolls will increase by 2% on average on the all paying network, announced the Ministry of Transport. This is due to different inflations suffered by motorway companies in 2021.

Online registration for the general driving license

If it is possible to reserve a place for the practical test (known as “driving”) of the driving license online from March 2020it will now be easier to (again) obtain an exam date on the Internet since the system will be facilitated and generalized by the State in 2022.

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