What will change in auto insurance in 2022?

Since January 1, 2022, new thresholds concern theclaims compensation in car insurance. What are they ? Material damage, bodily injury and expertise, we summarize everything here.

Like every year, the compensation scales applied by the main damage insurers in France are changing. Here are these changes in car insurance.

Material damage: the IRSA package rises to 1,706 euros

Firstly, the direct compensation package for the insured and recourse between automobile insurance companies (IRSA) increased by 1.67% on January 1, 2022. It now reaches 1,706 euros.

This package is taken into account when compensation is issued by the insurers who have signed the agreement. If an accident occurs, the insurer indemnifies the insured against the level of responsibility of the opposing driver. He then proceeds to a contractual recourse with the opposing insurance company to receive lump sum or real compensation. The latter is indexed by the IRSA conversion :

  • 1,706 euros maximum if the amount of damage does not exceed 6,500 euros;
  • actual recourse depends on the actual amount of the damages if their amount exceeds 6,500 euros.

“The IRSA package is a good indicator of the evolution of the average cost of car repairs. We can see that this average cost has been steadily increasing for several years in view of the soaring cost of parts and repairs. This movement is not about to stop”, remarks in the columns of Argus de l’Assurance Guillaume Le Cam, head of customer service for the broker Bessé’s car fleet. The increase has actually been 26% since 2016.


Bodily injury: the IRCA package drops to 1,254 euros

Another package was revised on January 1, 2022, the compensation and bodily injury compensation package (IRCA). This time, it fell by 15.7% to 1,254 euros, compared to 1,480 euros in 2021.

The IRCA flat rate corresponds to the amount that the insurance company of an accident victim without sequelae can obtain from the insurance company of the driver responsible for the accident. Like the IRSA agreement, its purpose is to facilitate thecompensation for bodily injury suffered by victims in road accidents.

According to the French Insurance Federation (FFA), the frequency of claims recorded in bodily liability has continued to decrease since 2017. In 2020, this decrease was particularly significant, by 26.8% due to various containment measures.

The expertise threshold rises to 850 euros (excluding taxes)

the expertise threshold refers to the sum (excluding taxes) from which an expert assessment is mandatory to initiate a claim between insurers. It therefore increases from 650 euros excluding tax to 850 euros excluding tax. In addition, the tolerance for exceeding this threshold of 10% no longer applies.

Thus, if the material damage does not exceed 850 euros excluding VAT, the expertise is no longer mandatory. Nevertheless, the impact of this new threshold should not disrupt the daily lives of policyholders because at present, the majority of damage insurers appoint an expert from the first euro of damage.

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