When and how to cancel your car insurance in 2022?

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Canceling car insurance can be very interesting for many reasons : cheaper contract, better adapted to the vehicle, better guarantees, or even sale or separation of the vehicle. But how to do it ?

When can I cancel my car insurance?

You can either terminate your contract purely and simply by sending your insurer a car insurance termination letter. But be careful, remember that a land motor vehicle (VTM) must be insured at least under civil liability in France. If, therefore, you do not part with the vehicle, you will necessarily have to find a contract.

Several times are possible for cancel a car insurance contract :

  • after one year of subscription, at any time;
  • due ;
  • in the event of an unjustified increase in the premium;
  • in the event of a change of situation;
  • in the event of the sale or theft of the vehicle.

How do I cancel my car insurance when the contract expires?

It is possible to rterminate his car insurance contract at maturity. As a reminder, the Chatel law obliges insurers to inform the insured by mail of their ability to cancel due. This expiry notice must reach you between two months and 15 days before the end of the cancellation period. Once this notice of cancellation has been received, you can request cancellation from your insurer.

If this letter arrives late but before the due date (as evidenced by the postmark), you have 20 more days to cancel. If you have not received this mail or out of time, you can cancel at any time, without charge or justification.

How can I cancel my car insurance at any time after one year of insurance?

If your contract is at least one year old, you are entitled to break it, without reason, free of charge and at any time. Termination takes place one month after the request. Your former insurer then has 30 days to repay your balance or any overpayment.

After a year of subscription and as part of the Hamon law, the new insurer will take care of all the administrative procedures. This saves significant time for the insured, in addition to simplifying their task. To do this, going through a car insurance comparator can be wise.

What is termination for change of circumstances?

In case of change of circumstancesyou are entitled to terminate your insurance contract, even before one year of subscription (article L113-16 of the Insurance Code). It can be:

  • a change of residence;
  • a change in marital status;
  • a change in marital regime;
  • a change of profession, retirement or permanent cessation of professional activity.

Termination in the event of the death of the insured

If the subscriber of the contract dies, the contract is transferred directly to his heir. The latter, however, has three months to notify the former subscriber’s insurer to request termination of the contract.

Cancel after a premium increase

In the event of an unjustified increase in your car insurance premium (i.e. apart from increases relating to taxes or the car penalty), you are entitled to terminate your car insurance. In other words, if you suffer a rate increase, you can break your contract.

Theft or destruction of the vehicle

If the vehicle is destroyed or stolen, you must notify your insurer within 10 days of the incident in order to be able to terminate the contract. It will then be broken the day after receiving the mail of termination.

How can I cancel my auto insurance if the vehicle is sold?

If you part with your vehicle, you can of course terminate the insurance in the event of sale, even if the contract is less than a year old. To do this, simply send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (LRAR) to your insurer mentioning the date of sale. You must also enclose your letter with proof of sale (usually the transfer certificate).

The contract ends 10 days after sending the letter.

How long does it take to cancel car insurance?

Mode of termination Time limit
Due On the expiry date of the contract
If the insurer forgets to send you the expiry notice The day after the date of sending of the cancellation letter
After one year of subscription 30 days
For a change of situation 30 days
In the event of sale or transfer of the vehicle 10 days after sending the cancellation letter

Cancellation of car insurance by the insurer

On what grounds can my car insurer terminate me?

Another case that may lead to the termination of your contract, but which will not however be of your will: termination by the insurer.

This can happen for several reasons:

  • a increased riskwhether or not declared by the insured;
  • you have committed an offense resulting in license suspension or cancellation;
  • you had too much disaster during the year ;
  • in case of non-payment of your contributions (unpaid).

How to find car insurance when you have been canceled by your insurer?

If your insurer terminates your contract, it will be more difficult to insure your vehicle again. But you must rand find insurance and be insured at least with third-party insurance.

There are several solutions for this:

  • compare car insurance by providing the correct information on your past insurance;
  • subscribe to a company specializing in the insurance of terminated drivers;
  • contact the BCT (Central Pricing Office) if you have had two insurance refusals.

Car insurance termination FAQ

  • How to cancel car insurance without proof?

    To cancel your auto insurance without proof, simplywait a year of subscription. After this date, you can terminate your insurance contract without penalty, without proof and at any time.

  • To terminate an insurance contract in progress, you can either take out a new contract (the new insurer will take care of all the steps), or simply send your insurer a car insurance termination letter. Remember that a motor vehicle must be insured in France.

  • Yes, it is possible to cancel your car insurance contract at any time, but only after one year of subscription.

  • To cancel car insurance, simply send a registered letter to your insurer. But if you sell the insured vehicle, you will need to provide proof of sale: the Cerfa form n° 15776*01.

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