which are the cheapest?

Comparing insurers’ offers to save on the price of car insurance is important. To guide your choice, here is a list of the cheapest car insurance!

Car insurance: tips for saving money

Just follow a few practical tips to save on car insurance.

Above all, remember that each insurance company regularly offers promotional offers to its new customers. By taking advantage of these offers, it is possible to considerably reduce the price of your annual subscription, from the first year.

You then just have to negotiate the subsequent contributions or change the insurance contract after the first year.

It is also possible to save money on your insurance contract by looking for car insurance with no administrative fees. Indeed, at the time of taking out the new insurance contract, some insurers charge administration fees. An additional cost that is easy to avoid by choosing an insurer that offers administrative fees to new members.

Here are some other tips for finding a cheap car insurance :

  • Take out coverage that is certainly weaker but cheaper
  • Opt for a car better suited to reduce the amount of your premium
  • Choose a specialized company that offers more suitable rates

Go through a car insurance comparator

Contacting insurers on the market one by one takes a lot of time. This is why it is better to compare auto insurance online. Apart from saving considerable time, using an online insurance comparator is an excellent way to save around 335 euros on the price of the insurance premium. Indeed, regularly comparing your insurance contracts is the main key to making sure you save money.

To do this, all you need to do is:

  1. Fill in the dedicated form online which allows you to determine your profile and know your needs
  2. Once this step has been completed, the comparator sends you personalized auto insurance quotes as well as tailor-made offers adapted to your situation.
  3. You can then compare these offers according to the price, the guarantees offered or the level of coverage.

The ranking of the cheapest car insurance

Here are some examples of cheaper car insurance. These rates are given for a person benefiting from a 50 bonus and owning a Volkswagen Golf-style compact sedan.

  • Carrefour Assurances from 11.05 euros per month
  • Mutuelle de Poitiers Assurances for 18 euros per month
  • Active Insurance for 20 euros per month
  • Because Y for 22 euros per month;
  • Amaguiz for 24 euros per month;
  • L’Olivier for 24 euros per month;
  • Direct Assurance for 25 euros per month;
  • Areas Assurances for 30 euros per month;
  • Assur One for 30 euros per month;
  • AON for 32 euros per month;
  • Allianz for 34 euros per month;
  • Best Assurance for 42 euros per month.

As a driver, you should also know that the cost of your contract differs according to the level of cover and guarantee, the deductible, the premium or even your needs. Many parameters will influence the proposal. In particular the place of garage (generally your place of residence) and whether the vehicle sleeps in an enclosed place or not (garage, car park, or on the road).

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