Which car insurance to choose for a used car?

Assurer un véhicule d’occasion : quelle offre souscrire ?

Car insurance: adapt your formula according to the age of your vehicle

While the automobile (as evidenced by the continuous rise in car prices) and the cost of living as a whole continue to increase, the cost of car insurance has remained rather stable in 2021. This does not mean provided that insuring a vehicle is not expensive, quite the contrary. Because owning a car is expensive, very expensive even. Several factors come into play to determine the price of your car insurance contract, age, driver profile (bonus-malus, young driver, etc.), type of vehicle and its power, average number of km per year, or the choice of formula, the amount of the deductible, the level of cover and the options chosen such as the mileage deductible or the choice of a replacement vehicle. Some insurances also offer a reduction if you pay in one go and not every month.

However, there are solutions to lower the price of its annual subscription, particularly with regard to used vehicles, a booming market since the appearance of the Covid-19 crisis in early 2021. Here are the best offers to save maximum the cost of his car insurance.

Monitor the discount on your car to choose the right insurance

No dispute possible, when buying a new new car which by definition has a high value, an all-risk car insurance contract obviously remains the best formula. Complete, this offer allows you to be fully covered in the event of a claim. On the other hand, and even if it is sometimes sad to say, a used car more than 5 years old will not necessarily need all-risk insurancenot because the latter is in poor condition, but quite simply because in the event of a claim, you are not certain of recovering the exact amount paid when purchasing your vehicle.

The car is a property with a very rapid discount, which means that from one year to the next, the cost of your car can decrease by 15 to 20%, and even by 50 to 60% in 5 years. This value is taken into account and used by your insurer who will use this new amount to calculate your compensation or your coverage in the event of a claim. With compensation that decreases over time, it no longer becomes really necessary and interesting to pay for all-risk car insurance, the highest-end formula with the most expensive insurance premium.

To know the exact value of his car, you must base yourself on the Argus rating, which you can do for free online. You will understand a little better why your insurer offers you very modest or even very low compensation when your car still costs almost double according to you.

Favor a third-party formula to insure your used vehicle for not too much money

As you will have understood, from a certain age, it is therefore preferable to take out cheap car insurance, more specifically to third parties, to cover your vehicle. But how do I know when should I switch from an all-risk formula to third-party insurance?

Several indications can help you such as the date of entry into service which will determine the age of your vehicle. Thus, between 5 and 10 years of age, opt for third-party insurance but with some additional advantages. An in-between between all risks and third party. This means that you can choose additional amenities such as guarantees against theft or guarantee at purchase value for example. Thanks to this guarantee, in the event of a claim, you will be compensated height of the purchase price and therefore, without loss, if we forget that of the vehicle obviously.

After 10 years, your vehicle can be insured to the “simple” third. This is the mandatory minimum in France and this offer covers the driver’s civil liability in the event of material or bodily damage caused to another driver or road user in the event of an accident at fault. This formula can also have glass breakage as an option, even if in reality, it is very rare to break a windshield.

In addition to the age of your car, another factor comes into play for the choice of insurance contract. If your car is a secondary vehicle, which means that you use it very little or for short trips like a Dacia Spring for example, the best-selling electric vehicle last January, there is insurance per kilometer. Perfectly adapted to the situation, it will allow you to make big savings while remaining covered with different guarantees.

Online comparators to get a first quote or a first price simulation

With the various online insurance comparators, in just a few clicks and with (too) much information given, it will be easy for you to find the best offer at the best price. All you have to do is sign up directly online with your new insurer or request a phone call or appointment to finalize the final details.

Note that each comparator has its own base of referenced insurance companies, even if we often find the same ones. But some insurance companies do not appear there, such as Axa, for example, which is rarely offered. It is therefore sometimes necessary to request quotes or insurance simulations on the sites of insurance companies if you wish to have an even wider choice. But for that, it will take time.

Also note that since the Hamon Law, after 1 year, it is possible to change insurance at any time. It is even the new insurer who takes the steps for termination with your former insurer. Do not hesitate to regularly ask for insurance quotes to reduce the cost of insurance. Because even with equivalent options, going in search of new insurance and requesting insurance quotes often allows you to make solid savings thanks to advantageous rates to attract new customers.

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