Which car insurance to choose when you are under 25?

After getting your driver’s license, it’s time to buy your first car. This is also the time to choose your car insurance. Objective: to benefit from sufficient coverage without undermining your budget. But when you are a young driver, insurers are rather cautious. Result ? A high insurance premium. Fortunately, there are tricks to reduce the cost.

Young driver car insurance: how are the premium increases set?

Young drivers are almost systematically applied to an additional insurance premium (some insurers ignore this, but they are rare). In question ? Their lack of experience, but not only… Age plays a crucial role in the amount of an insurance premium. There is indeed a strong disparity between the rates applied to young drivers aged 18 and those applied to young drivers aged 28.

Note: a section of the population with high claims according to the National Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety (ONISR), 15-29 year olds are the most involved in fatal accidents.

Unsurprisingly, the younger a driver, the more he will pay for insurance. Insurers justify this difference by the lack of maturity (and the recklessness behind the wheel that this implies).

How much does young driver car insurance cost according to the formulas?

If you are below the 25-year mark, you have a good chance of suffering the maximum increase: 100%, i.e. double the reference premium. This additional premium is then reduced. It is capped at 50% the second year and 25% the 3rd year. In the 4th year, she disappears.

As shown in the following comparative table, based on average prices, between a young driver aged 18 and another aged 28, the insurance premium can vary from simple to almost double.

Young driver under 25: how to save on your insurance premium?

Between third-party insurance, extended third-party insurance and all-risk insurance, it is not always easy to choose. In general, all-risk insurance is especially recommended for a new or powerful vehicle. Extended third-party insurance is more suitable if you own a vehicle that is neither too recent nor too old (5 to 8 years old). As for third-party insurance – compulsory minimum insurance – it applies in particular if you buy an old vehicle approaching, or even exceeding, 10 years of seniority.

Of course, to benefit from better cover at a lower cost, the ideal is to take a medium-old car and insure it at least to the extended third party. As the vehicle will be devalued, the insurance rate will drop accordingly.

There are other tips for lowering the amount of your insurance premium:


  • Going through accompanied driving: learning to drive from the age of 15 statistically reduces the risk of an accident; consequently, the insurers reduce the additional premium to 50% the first year (then 25% the 2nd year, 12.5% ​​the 3rd year and 0% the 4th year). Box: Good to know: accompanied driving is not more expensive. On the contrary, even! By passing the accompanied driving, you will pay on average 500 € less compared to the classic driving license training, because you will not have to take overtime. One more reason to prefer this formula!
  • Adjust your guarantees: guarantees covering, for example, glass breakage and fire make it possible to avoid excessive repair costs, without increasing your premium too much.
  • Declare yourself as an occasional driver on your parents’ contract: it’s a good way to experience driving at advantageous rates; you can then decide to insure your own vehicle in your name, benefiting from a bonus if you have not been involved in any claim. Knowing that the bonus coefficient goes from 1 the year you obtain your license to 0.95 the second year, then to 0.90 the third year and to 0.85 the fourth year.
  • Pay your insurance premium annually rather than monthly: you will avoid management fees.

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