Which insurance to choose for a new car?

Insuring a new car, an obligation

When it comes to car insurance, the french legislation is clear: any natural person must, in order to operate a land motor vehicle, take out insurance guaranteeing at least civil liability. Insuring a new car is therefore an obligation, but also the best way to protect against disasterswhether they are responsible or not.

In order to choose the contract best suited to the use of their vehicle, motorists can turn to online insurance simulation tools, which will put different companies in competition. But before committing, it is important to know more about the best formula to subscribe.

New car: opt for maximum protection

Much more complete than the “third party” and “intermediate” formulas, theBack to back insurance is the best way to protect a valuable new vehicle. It offers its subscriber maximum guarantees and ensures compensation even in the event of a responsible accident. Be careful, however, not to be deceived by an overly attractive commercial offer: each “all-risks” contract is different, has intervention limits or exclusions.

In general, two categories of guarantees make it possible to distinguish “all-risk” contracts from other offers:

  • Material damage coverage. Present in each “all-risk” contract, this protection insures the destruction or disappearance of the vehicle, damage due to a collision, damage in the event of natural or technological disasters, storms, etc.;
  • Driver’s warranty. Depending on the degree of protection, the option covers bodily injury, even in the event of an at-fault accident, and covers medical expenses, hospitalization or surgical intervention costs, compensation for work stoppage, or even funeral expenses in the event of death.

Adjust the insurance contract for your new vehicle

Insurance companies offer multiple options to optimize your contract. The following covers are particularly interesting when you want to insure a new car:

  • The replacement value guarantee. Valid for the first two years following the acquisition of a new car, this protection allows you to be compensated for the purchase price of the vehicle in the event of a claim;
  • Theft, glass breakage and fire guarantees. Contrary to popular belief, this protection is not systematically included in “all-risk” contracts. It is however essential to effectively protect a new car.

Whether or not you decide to enrich your contract with optional guarantees, take the time to compare insurance plans getting a free quote is a necessary step to properly protect your new car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

? How do I find the best insurance for my car?

When leaving the garage, you want your new car to be insured directly. It could not be easier. Make a quote on LeLynx.fr and find the best car insurance price: subscribe, and it’s over!

? What is the best coverage for a new car?

In insurance, it is better not to take risks. The savings made with a third-party contract will be lost in the event of a claim, because the compensation will be low. For a new car, especially a valuable car, it is better to opt for all-risk insurance.

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