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The car adjuster is a key player in car insurance. He must have certain qualities to exercise his profession successfully: in-depth technical and legal knowledge of the automotive world, tact, responsiveness. Once his automotive expert diploma has been validated, he can work in an automotive appraisal firm, set up on his own or become an employee in an auto insurance company.

The car expert, a key player in car insurance

The main mission of an automobile expert is to estimate the damage during an accident. He searches for the causes of the accident, and establishes the possible responsibility of the people and vehicles involved.

It assesses the amount of damage and the duration of repairs (which condition the duration of immobilization of each vehicle and the possible provision of a replacement vehicle).

Thanks to his knowledge, the automotive expert quickly determines whether damage is recent or old, identifies any defects in the vehicles or errors in an accident report.

It detects any attempt at fraud in the context of car insurance.

The main clients of an automobile expert are insurance companies. The expert can also be called upon by individuals in the context of the purchase or sale of a second-hand vehicle or by the administration, mainly on the occasion of litigation before a court.

Required qualities

A car expert must have in-depth knowledge to correctly assess the market value of a vehicle: engine, bodywork, the different brands or the specificities of a car model. Its mission involves a perpetual updating of this knowledge. He must also have a perfect command of the legislation in force, whether it is the Highway Code, the rules of civil liability, auto insurance contracts and insurance law.

The expert intervenes on the occasion of road accidents, situations that sometimes generate strong tensions between the motorists involved. As such, he must demonstrate insight and tact to best satisfy the various parties involved (damaged motorists, insurance companies and repairers).

He must also be reactive and available, because he can be called upon at any time at the scene of an accident.

Training and salary upon hiring

The expert must hold an automobile expert’s diploma in order to be able to advise individuals, authorities or auto insurance companies. Obtaining the diploma is conditional on the validation of 3 test units:

– test unit A: general knowledge and expression, mathematics and physical sciences,

– test unit B: systems analysis and performance control,

– test unit C: vehicle analysis and inspection, “severely damaged vehicle” and “legal knowledge” test, vehicle appraisal.

Unit C is the practical part of the diploma. To validate it, students must learn for 2 years the practice of their future profession in a firm of independent car experts or within a car insurance company, while following theoretical training.

To validate test units A and B, you must hold one of the following diplomas:

– BTS AVA (automotive after-sales)

– BTS Agricultural machinery

– BTS EVM (operation of motor vehicles)

– BTS MCI (internal combustion engines)

– BTS Agro-equipment

– Military BTS equivalent to BTS AVA

– BTS after-sales maintenance of public works and handling machinery

– Engineering degree from Estaca (automotive option)

– ISAT engineering degree

– DUT mechanical engineering automotive option

A procedure for validating acquired experience also makes it possible to validate units A and B without holding one of these diplomas.

Once graduated, the automobile expert can work in a car insurance company (as an employee), in an automobile appraisal firm (as an employee or self-employed person) or exercise his profession alone (as a self-employed person). He must not have been the subject of a conviction for breach of probity or honor.

The average monthly salary for a beginner car expert is 2,148 euros gross.

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