Will your car insurance increase in 2022?

Les prix des assurances automobiles vont-ils augmenter en 2022

Auto insurance is your guarantee in the event of a claim. The increase in the cost of car insurance may depend on several criteria. To better explain to you, we will first address the very definition and objectives of auto insurance, then we will cite the cases that make it increase and finally, we will address the subject of auto insurance simulation as well as the different personalization criteria available to you. To conclude, we will give a prognosis as to the increase in insurance prices for the coming year.

What does auto insurance actually offer you?

Auto insurance is an insurance policy that covers damage to your car. So that the risks are covered, you pay an insurance premium to your insurer according to the criteria determined on the contract. There therefore exists several categories car insurance. The compulsory insurance that covers your public liability when driving and parking the vehicle.

All risk insurance covers damage regardless of who caused the collision. Personal Driver’s Insurance provides you with compensation depending on the severity of the injuries. For the assistance services in the event of a breakdown, accident or death, help is sent to you, and you can even request a replacement vehicle. And finally, there are also the various guarantees in the event of theft, breakdown or other.

What is the increase in car insurance due to?

The insurance premium is fixed according to a contract between you and your insurer. Certain constraints may lead to an increase in this premium. Whether because of the insurer or the insured. In the first scenario, if the driver increases the risk of accidents or claims, prices can be increased. When you add a guarantee or make an extension of guarantee to your insurance contract, it is automatic that its price increases to cover more aspects.

In the second case, here is a list of reasons that lead the insurer to an increase in insurance rates. The increase in mandatory taxes by the state means that the insurer is obliged to increase the prices of its insurance. Some contracts have mandatory guarantees that you must pay to take advantage of the insurance. The increase in indexation or even strategic decisions may also be responsible for this increase.

When the price of your insurance increases, you are entitled to cancel the contract and sign with another company. It is also imperative that your insurance contract contains a review clause of the premium or even an increase clause. In which case, you have the right to refuse this increase which is also invalid in the eyes of the law.

The situations in which you have the right to request a termination of your insurance contract are: strategic decisions, the appearance of new risks and the addition or extension of cover. Be sure to inform yourself in detail of all your rights and obligations before signing any type of contract.

As every year, the increase in insurance prices is expected in 2022. Despite the decrease in the number of claims in 2020, the health crisis has caused all prices to rise. So despite the decline in traffic risk prices, the prices of spare parts and life insurance have increased. An increase of 0.5% to 2% is expected in 2022.

How does the car insurance simulation work?

For drivers who cannot afford unnecessary expenses, several insurance comparators and quotes offer their services to you. Car insurance simulation is the act of customizing your insurance according to your needs and your budget. You have a list of companies as well as the services offered according to your criteria.

This method is very popular with young drivers and people with a tight insurance budget. You also have a forecast of price increases. You can choose the mileage that you plan, types of claims you want to indemnify, the model of the vehicle as well as the clauses to be added to the contract. The estimate of the price of the insurance is presented to you free of charge.

To conclude

Auto insurance is made to protect drivers and their passengers in the event of a claim. It is broken down into several categories and operates in parallel with mandatory or optional guarantees. Its price depends on the insurer and the insured. When you take out insurance, the contract protects you in the event of an unexpected price increase. Finally, several sites offer their services of insurance comparators – example LesFurets.com – and personalized quotes.


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