Young driver: our advice for a first car insurance

Once the permit is in hand, the next step is the purchase of a vehicle. But any vehicle in circulation must be insured. However, finding the right insurance contract at a reasonable price is not an easy task when you are a young driver. Here are some tips to enlighten you.

– Make sure online:

For those who have trouble finding their way among all the insurances, there are online insurance sites. The Assuronline site offers 5 levels of cover depending on the driver’s needs, all detailed on the insurer’s site. These contracts range from third-party insurance to all-risk guarantees. Third-party insurance comprising several guarantees including the driver’s bodily guarantee allowing compensation in the event of fault on the part of the driver during a road accident. The quote is done in less than 5 minutes online, depending on the car model and then the subscriber’s profile. Fast and efficient, this online mode of insurance saves time and provides a personalized quote based on the driver’s profile.

– Purchase of the vehicle and choice of insurance:

First of all, when buying a vehicle, it is best to opt for a car with reasonable power, because many insurers refuse to insure a young driver with a vehicle with too high a power. Then, the insurance contract will depend on the car model. For a car over 10 years old, all-risk insurance is not the best option since in the event of a claim, the car will be reimbursed according to its market value. This guarantee is therefore not profitable for a car with a low cost if we compare it to the price of the monthly payment. Third-party insurance, which is the basic contract, includes the driver’s civil liability guarantee, ie compensation for damage caused to others. Then, depending on the insurers, there are several guarantees, such as legal protection, breakdown and accident assistance, theft and fire insurance, or glass breakage. There are thus several types of insurance contracts, depending on your needs and your budget.

Finally, before insuring your first car, it is necessary to compare the different offers that the agencies can offer you. You must then make sure you understand what the insurance contract takes into account in order to avoid surprises.


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